Avurt IM-5 in a non-threatening pink  (Source: Avurt)
Avurt's new self-defense weapon has five shots and a forty foot range

Many want to be able to protect themselves in the event of an attack by an assailant, but don’t want to use a gun or other lethal means to do so. Many options like pepper spray and Taser’s have short ranges so you have to allow would-be attackers to get close to you for them to be effective.

Avurt has a new self-defense weapon called the IM-5 that uses PAVA pepper filled projectiles that have a forty foot range; when the fired projectiles strike an assailant they burst open, similar to paint balls, causing the attacker’s eyes, nose and throat to burn temporarily, effectively immobilizing them.

The launcher is carried in a folded position inside a purse or holster. When unfolded a red laser sight activates to allow you to aim the device. When fired the IM-5 sounds like a pistol, which will theoretically scare the attacker and alert those near-by of trouble.

The PAVA powder used in projectiles sticks to the attacker and Avurt says that one hit is typically enough to stop the attacker. If one shot proves ineffective or the target is missed, the IM-5 holds five rounds total, which can be fired off as fast as you can pull the trigger. Other non-lethal devices like Taser's need time to recharge or reset before the next use. The IM-5 is available for pre-order for $299.99 and comes in black, blue and pink colors.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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