The full Inspiron color palette

Choose wisely if you want your Inspiron in a timely fashion
Dell's problems with paint quality cause more customer delays

It looks as though the XPS M1330 isn't the only new laptop series that Dell is having problems shipping these days. Dell updated its Direct2Dell blog on Friday with a status update on the newly revamped Inspiron lineup.

Like the XPS M1330, problems with the paint quality on the Inspirons are causing a delay in shipments. The problems were so severe in the case of the XPS M1330 that Dell discontinued the Pearl White color option.

Dell hasn't yet taken such dramatic steps with the Inspiron's color palette yet, but choosing Espresso Brown, Ruby Red, Midnight Blue, Spring Green, Flamingo Pink or Sunshine Yellow will result in a delay of your notebook shipment. Customers who decide to go with Jet Black or Alpine White will see no such delays.

"We'll continue to work directly with suppliers to ultimately increase our production on color notebooks," said Lionel Menchaca, Dell's Digital Media Manager. "Besides scale, we are also focused on maintaining the levels of quality we established when we designed these notebooks. In other words, we're not going to relax our quality standards to ship more products."

"Beyond that, we have added dedicated sales and support resources in the United States and around the world specifically to address the customer experience issues that these delays cause. We also understand that shipping your system is key, and we'll continue to work to do that," Menchaca continued.

The words of encouragement from Dell are doing little; however, to quiet the growing mob of disgruntled Inspiron customers. "So, here's to crappy service, lame excuses, and no real compensation," remarked one irate customer. "I like the part about dedicated sales staff...just what Dell needs, more sales staff. Keep selling a product you cannot build...don't you folks see a small problem with that," remarked another customer.

With all the problems regarding receiving an Inspiron in your color of choice in a timely manner, maybe Dell should consider scaling back its promotional campaign which highlights the option.

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