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The computer company allegedly offered to purchase the site from Mr. Dell several years ago, but the deal was never completed

Paul Dell, owner of, an online web site design service, is being targeted by the online PC vendor Dell.  Dell is allegedly committing "an act of parasitism" and creates "a risk of confusion" for consumers, according to Dell attorneys.  Dell is being sued for $120,000 in damages to Dell America, $60,000 to Dell France, each remaining Dell company $48,000 and $600 for each time the word Dell is used on his web site.

(Paul) Dell is going to fight the charges in court, but it is obvious that his legal battle with the company will most likely be shortlived.  Several years ago a similar case occurred when Mike Rowe was served cease and desist letters for

Update 02/20/2006:  We have been informed that the computer company Dell never made an offer to purchase the domain from Paul Dell.

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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid...
By rmarriner on 2/18/2006 1:18:32 PM , Rating: 2
This is the most absurd thing I've heard. The guys last name is Dell. How can Dell Computer sue a guy for his last name? If Dell Computer wins where would this type of action stop? Maybe soon Dell can sue him for his name and he'd have to change his last name because it is an infringment upon Dell Computers trademark. Oh, and forget that cute little "Old McDonald had a farm... yup, can't sing that to your children without paying royalties to McDonalds Corp. Come on people, lets have some common sense. That is just bull honky.

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