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The computer company allegedly offered to purchase the site from Mr. Dell several years ago, but the deal was never completed

Paul Dell, owner of, an online web site design service, is being targeted by the online PC vendor Dell.  Dell is allegedly committing "an act of parasitism" and creates "a risk of confusion" for consumers, according to Dell attorneys.  Dell is being sued for $120,000 in damages to Dell America, $60,000 to Dell France, each remaining Dell company $48,000 and $600 for each time the word Dell is used on his web site.

(Paul) Dell is going to fight the charges in court, but it is obvious that his legal battle with the company will most likely be shortlived.  Several years ago a similar case occurred when Mike Rowe was served cease and desist letters for

Update 02/20/2006:  We have been informed that the computer company Dell never made an offer to purchase the domain from Paul Dell.

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Here's why you're an idiot
By DallasTexas on 2/18/2006 10:22:26 AM , Rating: -1
"...this man is clearly older than the brand "Dell" paired with the fact that he has been running this site for several years..""

Huh? Your point is completely irrelevant. A brand is a copyrighted asset protected by law. You don't respect copyright law, than move your ass to China. This Dell fellow had every opportunity to Copyright his name and failed to do so. That's how it works, goof ball.

"...Why does the smaller one has to give in? ..""

Again, completely irrelevant. Laws do not factor in who's got a bigger company. Are you stupid?

RE: Here's why you're an idiot
By overclockingoodness on 2/18/2006 10:53:49 AM , Rating: 2
I agree. It's not about morals, it's about laws. Dell has to protect its brand if they want to continue to use it. Right now, they can do that easily with a single guy, but once people realize that Dell isn't going to protect their brand, we might have 100 different companies pop-up with 'Dell' in their name. And then Dell would lose its trademark on the name.

It's not a matter of big vs. small company. The website guy could've sued Dell if Dell was starting out now, but that's not the case.

And the idea: "Why can't Dell change its name?" What kind of an ignorant question is that? Dell has spent millions into building a brand, and brand is everything. Dell would die if it had to change its name. Some of you are so anti-big companies that you babble on for no reason.

RE: Here's why you're an idiot
By bbomb on 2/18/2006 11:54:07 AM , Rating: 2
So the guy should be required by law to change his real name too because Micheal Dell said he has too so that family member wont be confused either? The guy is using his name in his companies name just like Micheal Dell did and I see nothing wrong with that. Whos to say that Micheal Dell isnt stealing customers from

All companies should be banned from using any form of their name in the company name plain and simple and stupid little lawsuits like this where Dell simply wants to force a man into bankrupcy and homelessness with the sole intent of ruining his life as much as possible will end.

RE: Here's why you're an idiot
By MrSmurf on 2/18/2006 3:34:18 PM , Rating: 2
You can change your name to Micheal Dell if that pleases you but the moment you start telling people you're the actual Micheal Dell and using that name to your benefit (or against him), yes, you can be sued by him.

But comparing your personal name to the name of a website is asnine and your logic is seriously flawed.

RE: Here's why you're an idiot
By mindless1 on 2/18/2006 4:06:37 PM , Rating: 2
If you tell people you're Micheal Dell and that IS your legal name, no you cannot be sued for that. There is no reference nor measures to attempt suggestion of this Guy's website being affiliated with Dell Computers. Writing "you can be sued" is pointless, sure you can be sued for anything and that doesn't make it valid rather than an abuse of the legal system.

By DallasTexas on 2/18/06, Rating: -1
RE: Here's why you're an idiot
By metallic on 2/18/2006 2:46:48 PM , Rating: 2
A brand is a item protected by trademark. Still sure you know how things work?

RE: Here's why you're an idiot
By Griswold on 2/27/2006 1:22:44 PM , Rating: 2
Somebody should beat some common sense into you, that is for sure. Brand, trademark or not, this is pathetic and the reasoning is pathetic as well as people like you who defend Dell Corp. are pathetic.

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