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Engadget confirms software unlock for iPhone

In less than two months, Apple's iPhone has been successfully unlocked via software courtesy of The iPhone is currently tied exclusively to AT&T for the foreseeable future, but the new software hack allows users to hop to competing GSM networks such as T-Mobile.

According to Engadget, the unlock process took no longer than a few minutes and caused no harm to the iPhone used. Once unlocked, the iPhone was able to successfully make and receive calls using the T-Mobile network. For the most part, all other iPhone features are also intact including EDGE support and SMS send/receive. Visual voicemail isn't in the cards as it is an AT&T network-specific feature; however, normal voicemail is accessible using the software hack.

Engadget also notes that the software hack is completely upgrade and restore resistant. They verified this by performing a full system restore using the v1.0.2 update.

"Again: we can confirm with 100% certainty that's software solution completely SIM unlocks the iPhone, is restore-resistant, and should make the iPhone fully functional for users outside of the US," said Engadget's Ryan Block.

For those still a bit unsure of the validity of the's claims, Engadget has posted a small video to ease your mind.

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RE: Hmmm
By excrucio on 8/26/2007 5:35:24 PM , Rating: 0
there will be no suing. Blackberries and all other phones been hacked before many times, yet no one gives a shit.

Why should the Iphone be the same, if they want their phones only for them make em like verizon. Iphone has 2 year contract with ONLY AT&T after that it will be distributed to other companies, there will be no suing because it aint worth the money because 2 years was shortened in the first month.

Either way it takes a computer savvy person to unlock it, an ordinary person wouldn't give 2 cent about the iphone unlock.

I will be buying an iphone soon and unlock for tmobile. good job for the guys that made it possible.

Maybe i will not even buy it, the phone is not even 3G. Cingular or AT&T been putting up 3g bands all over the country before Tmobile yet they wanna sell the iphone.

I rather stick with Nokia N95 3G from china town and put a cingular chip. =]

GJ guys and GL Iphone, great creation just the wrong band shudve been 3g. Apple overall is a great company besides the APPLE IPOD line which is horrible.

my 2 cent. PEACE!

Dont rate down because ur an ipod lover or anti crack person, its an opnion. Dont like it dont rate it.

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