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Engadget confirms software unlock for iPhone

In less than two months, Apple's iPhone has been successfully unlocked via software courtesy of The iPhone is currently tied exclusively to AT&T for the foreseeable future, but the new software hack allows users to hop to competing GSM networks such as T-Mobile.

According to Engadget, the unlock process took no longer than a few minutes and caused no harm to the iPhone used. Once unlocked, the iPhone was able to successfully make and receive calls using the T-Mobile network. For the most part, all other iPhone features are also intact including EDGE support and SMS send/receive. Visual voicemail isn't in the cards as it is an AT&T network-specific feature; however, normal voicemail is accessible using the software hack.

Engadget also notes that the software hack is completely upgrade and restore resistant. They verified this by performing a full system restore using the v1.0.2 update.

"Again: we can confirm with 100% certainty that's software solution completely SIM unlocks the iPhone, is restore-resistant, and should make the iPhone fully functional for users outside of the US," said Engadget's Ryan Block.

For those still a bit unsure of the validity of the's claims, Engadget has posted a small video to ease your mind.

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If I were apple
By Treckin on 8/24/2007 4:11:51 PM , Rating: 3
If I were Apple, I wouldn't give a shit... So what? OMG now people might buy more of my phones. Who cares what network They work on? ATT will be angry, to be sure. They may even file their suits themselves, or simply pressure apple about some obscure protection clause in their exclusivity contract.

RE: If I were apple
By TheMouse on 8/24/2007 4:28:18 PM , Rating: 3
APPLE will lose the chunk of money they are getting from att monthly bill

RE: If I were apple
By xti on 8/24/2007 5:53:20 PM , Rating: 2
i dont see how...before those who didnt want to be on ATT network weren't really part of the possible its ATT peeps + tmobile/gsm carriers/etc.

people who unlock are still a tiny portion of the populations, just like cpu overclockers. what will go up more notably i think would be ebay occurences and whatnot.

RE: If I were apple
By killerroach on 8/25/2007 12:57:27 PM , Rating: 2
That's what I'd do... I'm seriously considering getting a refurbished one from Apple, unlocking it, and then putting it on T-Mobile (which gets excellent service around here). If for no other reason than it'll definitely get some odd looks from people :)

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