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Nintendo tops both handheld and home gaming market with DS, Wii

The Wii is officially more than just a gaming sensation. Nintendo’s latest console has captured the hearts, minds and dollars of not only gaming fans, but also the elderly, vacationers, the health-conscious and other casual markets.

Despite being released a year later than Microsoft’s current generation console offering, the Nintendo Wii has surpassed the Xbox 360 in total worldwide hardware sales, according to the latest data from

By the week ending August 23, VGchartz gathered that Nintendo had sold 10.57 million Wii consoles over lifetime, while Microsoft sold 10.51 million Xbox 360 consoles. In order to eclipse the Xbox 360 in less than a year since release, the Wii had outsold Microsoft’s game system by a margin of 2.3-to-1 worldwide.

A key factor in Wii’s quick pace in catching the Xbox 360 the acceptance of Nintendo’s console in Japan. The Wii sold 3.46 million units in Japan, while the Xbox 360 sold only 0.43 million in the same region.

While typical sales numbers from the game companies relate to shipments to retailers rather than sold-to-consumers, VGchartz claims that it tracks its data based on actual consumer sell-through figures.

The popularity of the Wii, along with the DS handheld, have helped Nintendo rocket past its competitors. The Wii was outselling the PS3 by a margin of 6-to-1 in June, helping Nintendo overtake Sony in market value. In fact, Nintendo’s recent success has put it ahead of both NTT and Honda, making it the fifth largest company in Japan.

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By mankopi on 8/23/2007 9:15:29 AM , Rating: 2
I'm just wondering, who the @#$% are buying all those Wiis? Second, what the attachment rate of Wii console to game sales? This is no bashing but an honest question

By superzor on 8/23/2007 9:43:01 AM , Rating: 3
I bought my console as launch and I'm enjoying very much. I mostly skipped the previous gen, so the ports the Wii has been getting have been great. Resident Evil Wii and The godfather are just a few of the good ports. Add in Zelda, Madden, Warioware, Wii Degree, Wii sports, Paper Mario and its kept me busy till next week when metriod 3 comes out. I've also rented a few games including monkey ball, sonic and the bigs which weren't the best games, but kept me busy for 3-4 days.

The great thing about this system is that you can take it out during a party or bar-b-q and almost anyone there can play. That leads to guest that are playing at your house to want to get their own because they had fun playing it.

By DirthNader on 8/23/2007 10:17:36 AM , Rating: 5
The thing sells itself. We've had couple friends visiting who played ours and bought one when for themselves at the first chance.

What's funny is the most common complaint I hear from the more "casual" users is actually lack of online play. I swapped codes with a friend and his first question was "now we can bowl against each other online, right?" After telling him no his response was "what's the point then?"

By ted61 on 8/23/2007 10:21:36 AM , Rating: 5
People like me buy the Wii. Note the 61 in my name, people my age don't want to spend two days trying to figure out the six buttons you need to push to chop someone on the head. We want to point and shoot. graphics are nice but game play is better.

By Locutus465 on 8/23/2007 3:49:04 PM , Rating: 2
Have you tried buying a Wii your self? Ever notice how there are plenty of stores that advertise that they sell the Wii yet for some reason they never seem to have any? A friend recently told me that she saw ads at sams club for Wii's at a $220 price point, with no Wii's to be found in the entire store.

The only reason why I have one is I happend to stay in town for Memorial Day weekend, and Target just happend to do stock that weekend... Lots of Wii's and no one in town to buy them, it was a beatiful thing.

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