Sharp Thin LCD HDTV  (Source: Gizmodo)
Sharp hopes to have LCD HDTVs on the market by 2010 that are only 20mm thick

The world of HDTVs and super models has something in common; everyone wants to be the skinniest. Just when we thought a bit over three inches for an LCD HDTV was svelte, Sharp looks to change our minds with its latest design.

Sharp has taken the wraps off of a new LCD TV that is a mere 29mm thick (at its widest point) and could be as thin as 20mm. 29mm is only 1.14 inches thick and 20mm would be a mere 0.78 inches thick.

Sharp claims the contrast ratio will be 100,000:1 and the living contrast would be 3000:1. The panel would reproduce 150% of the NTSC color ratio and have a 4 ms response time. Sharp doesn’t specify how large the TV is, but does note that the weight for the TV will be 55 pounds and it will consume 140kWh of electricity per year.

Sharp didn’t comment on when the super-thin LCD HDTVs would come to market or at what price they would retail. Sharp did say, however, that its Osaka Sakai factory would be ready to produce the panels by March of 2010 if all goes to schedule. By that time laser HDTVs should be on the market and these thin LCD panels may not be as cool as they seem now.

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