Stanford EyePassword  (Source: Engadget)
EyePassword allows you to enter your PIN number or password with a stern look

With the increased usage of debit cards and check cards these days, it seems as though few people actually carry cash anymore. The increased use of ATM and debit cards also means an increased chance that someone will be able to figure out your pin number.

Stanford has researchers working on a system that would allow you to use your eyes to input your PIN number or other passwords. The system is called EyePassword and you would basically look at the numbers on the keypad that you need to input, rather than typing them.

This method of inputting your PIN number would make it very difficult for some lurker standing at your shoulder to see your PIN number. Stanford has produced a study to go along with the system and it shows that input times are reduced somewhat.

There is no firm date on when we could expect to see technology similar to EyePassword show up at our local super market. However, this should be a very viable method since there are systems out there that allow quadriplegics to use their eyes for controlling a mouse cursor.

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