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Pierce Roberts Jr - Courtesy AP
Soaring marketing costs are one of the reasons that a director at XM Satellite Radio has decided to resign from the company

Pierce Roberts Jr., the director for XM Satellite Radio has recently stepped down citing constant disagreements with the other board members on issues critical to the company.  Roberts also gave a warning that says XM may be facing a crisis in the future if the company cannot properly cut spending, as the company's fourth-quarter loss was greater than initially reported.  Analysts have revealed the fourth-quarter loss now stands at a whopping $268.3 million.  Higher costs have been due to marketing and the dire need to continually recruit new listeners.   

XM is currently the largest U.S. pay-radio service, but has an unclear future in which Sirius Satellite Radio is making XM nervous.  The stock now sits at $23.98, and has dropped 29 percent in the past year.   

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RE: It doesn't matter
By Enoch2001 on 2/18/2006 12:57:09 AM , Rating: 2
FACT Sattelite radio uses 64KB or less streams. Even less for talk radio where qaulity is considered less important.

Whatever these other posters say they wont deny that fact.

And for some reason you seem stuck on the myth that a lower bitrate is some terrible sin against mankind?

To clear things up, XM actually uses a form of AAC compression for their transmissions - it's called "CT-aacPlus" and the sound quality rivals 128 KB MP3. Besides, IT'S ALL_BETTER_THAN_FM_RADIO.


The fact is that XM and Sirius sounds fine in the car - a lot better than FM radio anyway - and the content choice makes the package even more valuable.

So is that all you got for your crusade against satellite radio? A low bit rate?


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