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Vistors to MTV's URGE website are greeted with the above message
MTV joins RealNetworks and Verizon Wireless to form Rhapsody America

Microsoft and MTV Networks launched the URGE online music service last May to little enthusiasm from the online community. URGE was built directly into Microsoft's Windows Media Player 11 software and offered users the ability to download tracks at a cost of 99 cents apiece or through a monthly subscription service priced at $9.95 ($15.95 monthly for the ability to download songs to a PC and transfer songs to a media player).

With Microsoft pouring a lot of resources and attention into its Zune music player and accompanying Zune Marketplace, the URGE service has been largely neglected for the past year.

As a result, MTV Networks is closing down URGE to embark on a new venture. RealNetworks, MTV Networks and Verizon Wireless announced today that they have created a new company to "create a single, integrated digital music experience that consumers can access via their PC, portable music device or mobile phone."

The new company is called Rhapsody America and combines the best parts of RealNetworks' Rhapsody with MTV's URGE to form a newly invigorated Rhapsody music service -- Verizon Wireless' V CAST will serve as the mobile wing of Rhapsody.

"With RealNetworks and Verizon Wireless, we’re creating a unique and engaging experience that also reflects our own strategy of allowing fans to go narrow and deep into the musical genres they love," said MTV Networks chairman and CEO Judy McGrath. "Any time we can partner with industry leaders like this to create a new music proposition, everyone wins, especially the audience."

Rhapsody is no doubt going full steam ahead in its assault on the market-dominant iTunes Store. Apple serves its full range of iPod media players and iPhone with the service as well as Mac and PC users that listen/view content on their computers.

The new Rhapsody service, however, looks to reach a much broader audience with the inclusion of V CAST integration. "Together, our three companies will provide a new, unbeatable digital music experience that will give every consumer a way to get music quickly and easily -- whether sitting in front of a computer screen or on-the-go with a mobile device," said Verizon executive vice president and chief marketing officer John Stratton.

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RE: Wait...what?
By Brandon Hill on 8/21/2007 2:31:47 PM , Rating: 3
Yeah, threw me for a loop as well ;-)

I miss the MTV from the 90s. You know when they played actual music most of the day... Yo MTV Jams and the like.

Now it's just a bunch of "reality" TV BS

RE: Wait...what?
By Griswold on 8/21/2007 2:50:38 PM , Rating: 3
Mmmhmm Headbangers Ball... good times.

Yo! MTv Raps was always good for a laugh. :D

RE: Wait...what?
By nilepez on 8/22/2007 2:07:13 PM , Rating: 2
that must have been the EARLY 90's. By 97, there wasn't much music left.....there was MTV2 on satellite, but once it went to cable, it pretty much quit playing music.

Your best bet now is to get a highdef package. I can't remember the name of the station, but takes music content from MTV, VH1, CMT (and presumably any other music networks Viacom owns) and plays music.

What little I've seen is at least as good as MTV in the early 80s. Not many commercials and lots of music. However, there are more concerts on this network, which I think is a plus.

RE: Wait...what?
By The Boston Dangler on 8/22/2007 8:06:16 PM , Rating: 2
it's called MHD. too bad it's only a matter of time before quantity overtakes quality once again

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