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The supposed new marketing sheet for Xbox 360  (Source: Gamernode)
Microsoft to upgrade Xbox 360 Core to Arcade-centric package, but still no hard drive

Reports from Belgian gaming blogs covering the Leipzig Games Convention indicate that Microsoft will replace the Xbox 360 Core system with a superior version – and at likely without any change at the price point. The new entry-level system, called “Xbox 360 Arcade: Just Play,” will still lack a hard disk drive, but will be packaged with a 256MB memory card. Its namesake comes from the fact that the new system will come with five Xbox Live Arcade games. Additionally, the new Core system will come with a wireless controller, replacing the current wired one.

The upper-class versions of the Xbox 360 will also receive taglines as part of a marketing effort. The Xbox 360 Premium system will be tagged with the words “Go Pro,” while the Xbox 360 Elite will carry the words “Go Big.”

The latest production batches of Xbox 360 Premium units in the U.S. now feature an HDMI port, signifying Microsoft’s move to the “Zephyr” motherboard that was first introduced in the Xbox 360 Elite. The next move could be for Microsoft to manufacture Xbox 360 Core units with the “Zephyr” motherboard as well.

The news comes from a Microsoft source in Belgium, who sent the following email to Gamernode:

"The embargo just lifted on some news I got earlier. At an as of yet unknown date, the Core will be completely phased out and repackaged as the 'Xbox Arcade: Just Play' pack. It will come with 5 games (I assume Uno and Pac-Man are two since I believe I saw them on the box art shown), a 256 mb memory card, and will be priced at 279. I'm not 100% sure about this part, but my notes say it will have an HDMI exit, but no cable in the box."

Gaming blog Kotaku also backs up the story, claiming the new Core system and marketing behind the Xbox 360 will also apply to the North American market come this holiday season.

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Looks noyce
By Rampage on 8/21/2007 5:24:18 AM , Rating: 1
Nice little hook to get people to try Xbox Live. Been nice if it'd been a 512MB card though.

I went ahead and bought my 360 even though its not 65nm. It's just too much fun to wait for. The new heatsink fixed 95% of the failures, and we've seen the move from 90nm->65nm doesn't reduce heat dramatically regardless.
With the issues with 65nm that MS has been having, I'm guessing it will take far longer than people are expecting to get it out the door. 90nm works fine, and is reliable without the chinsy heatsink.

Either way the new marketing is a good idea and keeps it simple for everyone.

"Just Play"
"Go Pro"
"Go Big"

Depending on your mentality, just pickup the 360 that fits you. :P

RE: Looks noyce
By therealnickdanger on 8/21/2007 8:17:43 AM , Rating: 2
Some people want what's newest, regardless of how well the "old" works. I can understand it, but it's hard for me to justify if I have to base it on my personal experience.

I have a launch system with no "Zephyr", no "Falcon", no 65nm, no new heatsink, no nuthin'. No RROD here. It also sits in an enclosed, non-ventilated space and has been since launch.

The other one was bought last June and sat on an open shelf and had a video output failure just a few months ago (not RROD). It came back fixed in about a week and everything seems fine. Go figure.

RE: Looks noyce
By Netscorer on 8/21/2007 11:20:43 AM , Rating: 4
Where do you get your info on 95% fix and no heat reduction by moving to 65nm?
I thought 65nm are not even out yet, so how can one say it does not reduce heat? And for 95% reduction, don't you have to have historical statistics to measure this reduction? Just because systems with new heatsink don't die in the first week one can not say they are fixed.

RE: Looks noyce
By ObscureCaucasian on 8/21/2007 11:47:13 AM , Rating: 2
I was wondering the same thing.

The extra epoxy and heatsinks on the Zeypher do seem to be helping, although the Elite isn't very old yet.

RE: Looks noyce
By robinthakur on 8/21/2007 12:18:22 PM , Rating: 3
As another poster has pointed out, it sounds like they designed the sub titles for retards. I think its good to have the memory card with the Core, but I have a Premium and I've certainly never used the 'community' features of XBL lol Most people just play the games. Nobody i know uses the online much. I had the month free Gold membership when I got it but don't think I ever played it online...Since the best games on it seem to be first person shooters (which I don't enjoy), I haven't actually played it since it fell down the back of the sofa a month ago.

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