The flaw must be deemed by Microsoft to be "critical" in order for the prize to be claimed

Recently we reported on a lump sum of $10,000 being put together by the online community for anyone or group who can successfully run both OS X and Windows XP on a new Core Duo iMac from Apple.  Now, it seems that similar bounties are being paid out to those who can crack open critical security flaws in Windows.

iDefense, a security firm
based in the US is offering $10,000 to anyone who can open up a security hole that Microsoft deems to be "critical". The flaw must  be new and undiscovered. iDefense claims that it is doing this to promote Microsoft fixing flaws faster and says that many of its clients are Windows users and this will be beneficial to everyone. iDefense is hoping that with a bounty at stake, hackers that usually would exploit a flaw to hurt other computer users will in turn surrender the information for money.

Recently there have been large sums of money offered for those who can supply attacking tools for less than legal purposes  such as the Windows WMF flaw which we reported on earlier. Those who are in search for another $10,000 (and growing) prize, can try their hands at getting Windows XP to run on a Core Duo iMac.

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