Sony says PS3 is like Energizer Bunny

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s communication’s chief Dave Karraker was proud to note on the official PlayStation blog an independent PlayStation 3 “stress test” that put the console through triple-digit hours of operation in various adverse conditions that no gamer would endure.

The test, as conducted by PS3 Vault, is titled, “How to kill a Ps3 Console” and sends the machine into zero degree temperatures and sauna-level heat for over four days at a time.

The first test environment was the typical family room – the place nearly all gamers will be using their PlayStation 3 consoles – where the machine ran for a continuous 108 hours with a mix of Blu-ray Disc movie playback and videogaming. The only recorded anomaly was a “slight vibration coming from the tray area which lasted approximately 20 seconds.”

The second test environment moved the PlayStation 3 into the back of freezer van, where temperatures started at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and progressively dipped down to zero. “We noticed a slight sluggishness in playback once the temperature reached 0 degrees,” the test notes. “This was maintained for the last 24 hours, with 12 hours to go we thought we were going to crash with a sudden blackout to the screen, [but] this was tracked down to condensation on the cord for the screen.”

The final testing area was inside a sauna, where temperatures started at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and went up to 120 degrees over the last 24 hours. “Strangely enough we thought this would prove to be the ultimate area to kill the console, and to our surprise the only incident we noticed was a slight burning smell that came in around 64hours at 110F,” read the test report. “The console was extremely hot when we finished the overall test but had come thru all environments with flying colours.”

According to the test notes, the test console is now back in a normal environment and is exhibiting no abnormal operation.

“A lot of noise has been made recently about the reliability issues of one of our competitor’s systems. So, not surprisingly, some of our more ambitious PlayStation faithful decided to run their own stress test on the PlayStation 3,” wrote Karraker of SCEA. “They put it in a freezer at zero degrees for up to 108 hours and they put it in a sauna at 120 degrees for up to 64 hours — all the while running games and Blu-ray Disc movies on it. Did it fail? Nope. Like the Energizer Bunny, it kept going and going and going.”

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