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Intel prepares boxed quad-core "Penryn" based Xeon processors for November 11

Intel has set the launch date for its Penryn based quad-core Xeon processor family. The company intends to launch seven new Harpertown based models ranging from 2.0-to-3.16 GHz on November 11, according to a posting on Intel’s reseller webpage. Standard “E” bin and performance “X” bin processors launch on November 11.

Intel Xeon processors carrying the “E” designation feature 80-watt TDP ratings while the “X” bin processors have higher 120-watt TDP ratings. Intel does not plan to launch the low-power “L” models until Q1’08, with two models in the pipeline. 

Strangely, Intel never issued a formal announcement for the launch of Penryn nor has the November 11 date showed up on roadmaps. Instead, the launch date popped up on a public webpage for resellers.

Penryn Quad-Core Xeon DP

L2 Cache
Launch Price

X54603.16 GHz 120W12MB

E54503.00 GHz 80W12MB
2.83 GHz 80W 12MB
E54302.66 GHz 80W12MB
2.50 GHz 80W12MB
E54102.33 GHz 80W 12MB
2.00 GHz

Pricing for Penryn-based Intel Xeon processors begin at $209 for the entry-level E5405 to $1,172 for the top-end X5460. Although Intel set the launch dates for quad-core Xeon based Penryn processors, the company remains silent on the launch date of the desktop and mobile counterparts.

Intel’s Penryn architecture is the next evolution of the Core 2 micro architecture that made its debut with Woodcrest and Conroe processors. Penryn introduces a 45nm fabrication process with a few additional performance enhancements. Most notably, Penryn introduces new SSE4 instructions for enhanced multimedia performance.

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RE: overboard
By erikejw on 8/14/2007 11:01:39 PM , Rating: -1
Yeah, 12Mb of cache is probably a little too much.
I might have one of the old celerons with no cache at all in my basement. They probably overclock 50% too.
If you are interested please contact me so we can arrange something ;)

RE: overboard
By nofumble62 on 8/15/2007 12:21:06 AM , Rating: 2
Large cache, larger task.

How many larger tasks do you encounter? Don't know. But there are 4 cores that need to be fed constantly. A farmer can tell you that you don't want to carry food for a herd in a small container, or you will need many trips back and forth.

This is the reason why AMD has not achieved any performance gain with their large memory bandwidth yet.

RE: overboard
By uzum4ki on 8/15/2007 7:03:34 AM , Rating: 3
This is the reason why AMD has not achieved any performance gain with their large memory bandwidth yet.

While cache may make a large difference in latency on Intel's chips, it's less of a concern on AMD's due to the on-die memory controller. I therefore call shens on you, /gg sir.

RE: overboard
By maroon1 on 8/15/2007 12:43:32 PM , Rating: 1
While cache may make a large difference in latency on Intel's chips

Really ?!

Have you read this article

Intel upcoming "Penryn" will have faster cache, and it will have lower latency than the current processors.

RE: overboard
By uzum4ki on 8/15/2007 6:28:10 PM , Rating: 3
Perhaps I should have said "cache size" and if the newer cache is faster, that's fantastic, I plan on getting one at release. However your reply is irrelevant to my comment as it is still true that on AMDs chips, cache size is less of a concern.

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