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Nearly a third of Xbox 360 owners oblivious to Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft was proud to boast at Gamefest 2007 that its Xbox Live gaming service has garnered more than 7.1 million users, reports GamesIndustry. Not only are there many gamers going online – they are also buying content. Microsoft said the attach rate for Xbox Live Arcade games is about six to seven games per user.

While Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division saw a loss last quarter, the company is making money from its Xbox Live service. According to Gamasutra, Xbox Live Arcade games see an average 156 percent financial return over 12 months for titles published so far, with over $30 million made on the service to date.

Interestingly enough, the gains that Microsoft is enjoying from its Xbox Live service doesn’t come from its entire user base. According to industry research from Frank N. Magid Associates, cited by GameDaily, 30 percent of Xbox 360 owners have never even heard of Xbox Live Arcade. And of those who have used Xbox Live Arcade, only 28 percent have purchased at least one game from the service.

Even with Xbox Live Arcade penetration not at its full potential, Microsoft is predicting that it will rack up 45 million downloads and more than 100 games on the service by the end of 2007.

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RE: How many of those 7.1 million are paid subs?
By FITCamaro on 8/14/2007 11:57:58 AM , Rating: 2
13 months is $45-50. Not $60.

RE: How many of those 7.1 million are paid subs?
By peritusONE on 8/14/2007 12:10:42 PM , Rating: 2
You can typically find the 12+1 sub cards for $40 online or at Circuit City when they have their sale every 3-4 months. That makes it more towards $3 a month.

RE: How many of those 7.1 million are paid subs?
By webdawg77 on 8/14/2007 12:36:01 PM , Rating: 2
*background music*

For less than the price of your double mocha latte, you could help fund endless hours of online gaming on Xboxlive ...

LOL! But seriously, I would call that a really good value. I know that I have used it to great advantage playing GoW and the NFS series online. Also, with all of the "online achievements", playing online is a must if you want all of the gamer points. Too bad you can't redeem those points for something. Come on Microsoft!

RE: How many of those 7.1 million are paid subs?
By omnicronx on 8/14/2007 12:54:17 PM , Rating: 2
sorry, i'm canadian ;)
costs 59.99 here :)

By ObscureCaucasian on 8/14/2007 3:48:06 PM , Rating: 2
I got a deal through

20 USD for 13 months.

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