New Slingbox Pro  (Source: Image Via FCC)
New SlingMedia FCC filing reveals an unannounced Slingbox device

A new filing from SlingMedia hit the FCC. The device is an unannounced model that has a few less input sources than the current flagship, the Slingbox Pro. This new version has what looks to be a set of component, composite and S-Video inputs for up to two sources.

The upcoming Slingbox continues to stream video over a network using a standard Ethernet port. The device does not seem to have any provisions for WiFi. Perhaps rather than a replacement for the current Slingbox Pro, this may be a replacement for the standard Slingbox or perhaps a new model to sit between the two. Notable here is that you no longer have to purchase the $50 accessory to be able to connect component cables to the Slingbox Pro as you do with the current model.

The price we pay for not having to pony up $50 more dollars for component connections may be the loss of two A/V input sources, if this is in fact a replacement for the current Slingbox Pro. No other information is available currently on the Slingbox pictured.

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