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"Zephyr" motherboard with added heatsink  (Source: wonderkins on NeoGAF)

The same 90nm Xenon CPU  (Source: wonderkins on NeoGAF)
New HDMI Xbox 360s are still Zephyr, not Falcon

When it was discovered that standard Xbox 360 Premium packages were coming equipped with HDMI output, the first question on many gamers’ minds is if this new box was indeed the quiet introduction to the much awaited and anticipated shrink to 65nm chips.

One brave soul on hardcore gaming forum NeoGAF decided to help answer that question for everyone and cracked open his new console for educational purposes. It appears those waiting for the 65nm die shrink will have to wait some time longer, as examination of the innards of the Premium box with HDMI reveals the identical “Zephyr” motherboard layout as originally discovered in the Xbox 360 Elite console.

The main differences between the previous Xbox 360 motherboard and the new “Zephyr” are mainly in power supply. As detailed in an earlier article with regards to a dissection of the Xbox 360 Elite, the new motherboard makes use of smaller capacitors arranged in slightly different arrangements. Microsoft has also reduced the amount of MOSFETs installed in the power supply section of the PCB. There are also fewer resistors located above the CPU as well. However, despite the power changes, the die size remains the same as with the HDMI-less Xbox 360.

One notable addition to the new Xbox 360 Premium console is the inclusion of added cooling measures not found in previous iterations of the console. A new heatsink with a heatpipe that leads to a secondary “daughter” heatsink helps to further cool the GPU.

For gamers waiting for an even cooler running box, the next step will have to wait until the arrival of “Falcon,” – the codename for the 65nm Xbox 360 GPU and CPU. Microsoft has not officially confirmed the production of its new, smaller, cooler chips, but industry experts are expecting “Falcon” to land sometime this fall.

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By JasonMick on 8/15/2007 10:55:14 AM , Rating: 2
I love how posting a completely unbiased comment on a contentious issue yields my comment getting voted down.

I was suggesting the move in the long term, once HD DVD player prices come down, and once the XBOX360 hardware is profitable.

I do not see how someone would vote me down for suggesting a possible business move, but you would not vote down people who are commenting on the format war, which I explicitly stated I was not taking sides in. I would love to have and HD DVD player and a BluRay player so I could play whatever I bought/found.

I like how no one comments on the cooling comments, just purely on the HD DVD issue.

And as to that issue, I was commenting on the PRICE of the current peripheral. I feel tech oriented people, such as anyone reading this website would likely be okay with the price, if they like the XBOX360 in the first place (and if not, why would you be buying an accessory for one?). However, I don't feel that is a significant portion of the market that the XBOX360 has been sold to, the "non-dailytech" crowd. However, if these people had the drive included in it by default they would likely use it sometimes. Once the hardware is profitable the choice could become whether to upgrade the hardware and make a smaller profit or not to upgrade and make a larger profit. Since software sales account for most of a console's profit in a healthy console, I would THINK that Microsoft would be willing to pay this price in the future to try to help their favored format win.

Now in the future, if someone votes on one of my posts, please read the comment, not just saying "oh someone is talking about hidef formats/xbox--vote down! click!"

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