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AMD launches a new website to educate the consumer on the evils of Intel

AMD is enjoying the fact the European Commission charged Intel for anticompetitive measures. The company enjoys the fact so much it has launched a new pseudo-advertising campaign website providing updates on the case. The new AMD website,, provides all the information you would ever need to know on the allegations. Additionally, the site provides information on antitrust, competition and procurement.

Of course, since it is an AMD site the information is going to favor AMD. There is no mention of the official response from Intel regarding the subject matter. All the industry quotes cited by AMD reflect negatively on Intel. Not that I am trying to defend Intel or anything, but only the European Commission has charged Intel. Nothing has been proven and until there is an official ruling on the issue, I reserve my opinion on Intel’s tactics.

At the end of the day, a corporation’s primary goals are to make money. I highly doubt AMD intends to educate buyers about a competitive marketplace. However, since it is the only direct Intel competitor, it wants a bigger slice of pie. The company enjoyed major growth with the launch of Opteron and Athlon 64. The company also struck a major deal with Dell – a once Intel only house.

Sadly, like every other company, with growth and a performance-leading product, they get arrogant. The once great Intel lost the battle to 1.0 GHz to AMD’s Athlon and moved towards the clock-happy Netburst architecture. While the Netburst architecture, in its later days, had no troubles beating out the Athlon XP, the Athlon 64 and Opteron was a tougher sell.

AMD was in the lead for quite a bit, through the end of Northwood and the lifetime of Prescott, Smithfield and Presler. This is where the arrogance sets in. AMD’s fabrication processes, processors and competition was a bit lackluster. The K8 architecture remains around, after launching over three years ago. AMD is barely pushing out 65nm products and continues to hock new 90nm products. Not much has really changed from the AMD lineup except the move to dual-core.

Intel saw the mistakes of its clock-happy era and arrogance and released Conroe. The company is also on a fast track plan of shrinking fabrication processes every other year and launching completely new architectures in-between. AMD could learn a thing or two from Intel’s stringent roadmap.

I will give AMD the benefit of the doubt though. They might have a killer next-generation product, but from the early testing I have performed on Barcelona, there is no light at the end of the tunnel -- with the K10 generation at least. However, AMD isn’t planning to issue DVT samples of Barcelona to partners until later this month. Who knows, maybe they somehow gained an extra 10% in clock-for-clock performance since then.

There is still light at the end of the tunnel in the long-run. AMD’s recent Technology Analyst day revealed interesting details of the company’s modular Fusion architecture. Maybe Fusion is just what AMD needs to swing the pendulum back into its favor. Either way, AMD has a tough road ahead.

The late launch of its quad-core processors, nearly a year after Intel, and the new Phenom branding will keep the marketing team busy. There’s a lot the company needs to do, but “breaking free” is the least of its problems.

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AMD: Stop wining
By juanflaiter on 8/11/2007 4:03:34 AM , Rating: 2
I´m an editor of a big hispanic hardware site in southamerica and I feel just like Anh. The bottom line about this article is plain simple, AMD has to stop whining and start launching a killer product. Up to date nothing shows AMD is going to launch a killer product, and let´s keep in our minds Intel is going to launch Penryn inmediatly after K10, and Penryn will have some frequency overhead (45nm anyone?).

Again, my bet is that AMD will not have a leading technology with K10 @ 65nm, but god, for the good of everyone, let´s hope it does, competition is good for all of you. BTW for all of you that think that DT or AT is biased, let´s think a little bit more in depth, do you think Kris or Anand would want AMD to go out of business? Monopoly companies don´t buy ads, they don´t need too. They are just telling you that under this circumstances, things look really black for AMD, thats all.

Kris and Anh, keep the good work, you are doing a hell of a job, bringing great confirmed insider info from trustful sources and cleaning tech journalism. I´m afraid some fanboys don´t really like this kind of news, but for every 10 fanboys that post comments, you receive 10k objective readers that love your work, and that´s the only thing that should give you fuel to work day to day.

RE: AMD: Stop wining
By ted61 on 8/12/2007 1:18:18 AM , Rating: 2
LOL, juanflaiter is "an editor of a big hispanic hardware site". Why do I get the feeling that juan is Kris K. or his friend Ahn. Us readers of dailytech know there is no anti AMD bias here. It has gotten so bad that I mainly read the AMD articles just to see how they will be spun to a negative.

As long as Masher2 posts blogs, I will keep coming back anyway. So DailyTech can hate on anyone they want. Just give me my masher blogs.

RE: AMD: Stop wining
By James Holden on 8/12/2007 6:21:06 AM , Rating: 2
That took me like 7 seconds to determine that Juan is not Kris. Or Anh for that matter.

RE: AMD: Stop wining
By Michael Hoffman on 8/12/2007 3:41:41 PM , Rating: 2
James, I believe that was a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor by ted61. ;)

RE: AMD: Stop wining
By Zurtex on 8/12/2007 2:23:38 PM , Rating: 2
I personally don't see how this hurts AMD. I mean having their legal and marketing team actually following up and advertising what they feel are things that Intel have done that are dodgey legal ground and stop the natural competitiveness from AMD.

Surely if this is found to actually be the case, then it will stop Intel from carrying on with such business practises and give AMD a better chance in future generations to seriously compete? I hardly think that putting up a website is going to slow their R&D team down, I don't think it's the same staff that work on both things :P

RE: AMD: Stop wining
By juanflaiter on 8/12/2007 4:41:04 PM , Rating: 2
Of course both works are independent, but customers and tech savy people don´t do a difference between AMD´s legal team and R&D team, you just receive the full bundle. And what AMD is showing us today, is that they don´t have the leadership in technology, they have a price pressure they cannot hold on for too many time and that up to this, they are whining about Intel´s business policies.

I totally support AMD´s right to have a neutral market to work with, but I don´t support using other company´s mistakes to pump your sales through marketing. This is just pathetic, legal issues have to be solved in court and not through your customers.

BTW please excuse me for the "wining" typo, English is not my native language and I still need a lot of improvement.

RE: AMD: Stop wining
By ted61 on 8/12/2007 11:19:58 PM , Rating: 2
Don't worry juan, we all make typo's.

I don't really care about all of the marketing on either side, I just go for the most bang for the buck. I like to buy mobo/cpu combo's at Fry's Electronics. I go for price first then whichever combo does not include an ECS mobo. If I have to spend an extra $20 to get an Abit or Asus mobo, I will. It does not matter which cpu gets attached.

I wonder how many other people think about price before marketing.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain
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