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AMD launches a new website to educate the consumer on the evils of Intel

AMD is enjoying the fact the European Commission charged Intel for anticompetitive measures. The company enjoys the fact so much it has launched a new pseudo-advertising campaign website providing updates on the case. The new AMD website,, provides all the information you would ever need to know on the allegations. Additionally, the site provides information on antitrust, competition and procurement.

Of course, since it is an AMD site the information is going to favor AMD. There is no mention of the official response from Intel regarding the subject matter. All the industry quotes cited by AMD reflect negatively on Intel. Not that I am trying to defend Intel or anything, but only the European Commission has charged Intel. Nothing has been proven and until there is an official ruling on the issue, I reserve my opinion on Intel’s tactics.

At the end of the day, a corporation’s primary goals are to make money. I highly doubt AMD intends to educate buyers about a competitive marketplace. However, since it is the only direct Intel competitor, it wants a bigger slice of pie. The company enjoyed major growth with the launch of Opteron and Athlon 64. The company also struck a major deal with Dell – a once Intel only house.

Sadly, like every other company, with growth and a performance-leading product, they get arrogant. The once great Intel lost the battle to 1.0 GHz to AMD’s Athlon and moved towards the clock-happy Netburst architecture. While the Netburst architecture, in its later days, had no troubles beating out the Athlon XP, the Athlon 64 and Opteron was a tougher sell.

AMD was in the lead for quite a bit, through the end of Northwood and the lifetime of Prescott, Smithfield and Presler. This is where the arrogance sets in. AMD’s fabrication processes, processors and competition was a bit lackluster. The K8 architecture remains around, after launching over three years ago. AMD is barely pushing out 65nm products and continues to hock new 90nm products. Not much has really changed from the AMD lineup except the move to dual-core.

Intel saw the mistakes of its clock-happy era and arrogance and released Conroe. The company is also on a fast track plan of shrinking fabrication processes every other year and launching completely new architectures in-between. AMD could learn a thing or two from Intel’s stringent roadmap.

I will give AMD the benefit of the doubt though. They might have a killer next-generation product, but from the early testing I have performed on Barcelona, there is no light at the end of the tunnel -- with the K10 generation at least. However, AMD isn’t planning to issue DVT samples of Barcelona to partners until later this month. Who knows, maybe they somehow gained an extra 10% in clock-for-clock performance since then.

There is still light at the end of the tunnel in the long-run. AMD’s recent Technology Analyst day revealed interesting details of the company’s modular Fusion architecture. Maybe Fusion is just what AMD needs to swing the pendulum back into its favor. Either way, AMD has a tough road ahead.

The late launch of its quad-core processors, nearly a year after Intel, and the new Phenom branding will keep the marketing team busy. There’s a lot the company needs to do, but “breaking free” is the least of its problems.

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Earlier testing
By smitty3268 on 8/10/2007 2:52:25 PM , Rating: 2
I will give AMD the benefit of the doubt though. They might have a killer next-generation product, but from the early testing I have performed on Barcelona, there is no light at the end of the tunnel -- with the K10 generation at least.

I doubt the K10 is going to blow anyone away, but that early testing was pretty much a joke. Your tests showed it performing slower clock-for-clock than an equivalent Opteron. Surely you don't think that's going to happen?

RE: Earlier testing
By tdktank59 on 8/10/2007 11:20:41 PM , Rating: 2
Well i think i just wasted about half an hour reading flaming of users...

but i did get a few good things out of this.

First off to be honest i go for the company that has the best product for cost avalible when i buy. not including rebates or sales...

The conroes were far supurior to any of the AMD chips out there as far as cost to clock and heat to power and so on... Pretty much what i found out from my research was that Intel had blown AMD out of the water with there new cpus

However isnt this how the worlds supposed to work? competiotion for us means

- Lower Prices
- Faster Technology BOOM (more progress)
- Better products most of the time

The way it works is each company wants to outsell its competition.
for example you have a shell and an arco on 2 corners at an intersection and then have a vallero down the road a few blocks.for example you have a shell and an arco on 2 corners at an intersection and then have a vallero down the road a few blocks.The vallero will have higher prices than both the shell and arco because it has no competition in its relative area. But the shell and arco will be within a few cents of each other and cheaper than the Vallero.

In retrospect AMD vs. INTEL is a battle like The shell and arco where they are both competing on the same corners for the market.
So when something like that happens you either stick to the name you know, The better product, if you are stupid or lazy or just dont care you might pick at random (when i say that i mean didnt do your research and belived every word you read on the web)... SOme also might buy the underdogs item just for competition. When someone does that it beats the point for competition. When you buy the underdog your saying o hey i see your here and yeah they are bigger but yeah ill buy from you instead even tho i could get more preformance for my money with them...

Not to pick sides here but truly in our society (Capatalism) you go for the best thing that your money can get you.

I just bought a 8800 GTS 640 (before the atis cards came out) i didnt know any specs on ATI's cards besides that they might be comparable or even better but at the time of buying i had done my research and i wanted to get something that would last me a while that was on the market... It turned out that they were almost the same for preformance from what ive looked at so far... But i can tell you for sure that ATI's model numbers SUCK... they have like 3 cards that are diffrent in so many ways that all have the same damn name... explain that to me ... At least with NVIDIA they all have diffrent names or have superclocked or ultra after them...

but 2900HD for all of there cards... (ATI's top of line card did outpreform the nvidias top of line pretty much hands down i think)

So enough of my ranting im getting lost while typing but pretty much my story here is do waht you want to do... I support whoever has the better product at the time. If i was buying for a company right now id probably go with intel since my last computer was intel and the one before that and each lasted me to the point where i litteraly couldnt use it anymore... (due to programs requiring more not the chip falling apart).

Either way i think AMD needs to take whatever INTELS giving them and just deal with it... its called f***ing capatalism, and competition for a reason its not going to be friggen fair for both sides of the coin... its the way things work... but in our SUE happy world we have today and the fact that just someone tapping shoulder to get your attention can get you sued for half a milion dollars becasue you "hurt" them even tho you just tapped there shoulder ever so slightly...

Ok im done sorry for anyone who reads through this whole thing...

RE: Earlier testing
By Treckin on 8/12/2007 6:12:10 PM , Rating: 1
The 2900hd only outperformed the 8600 and sometimes the 8800gts. There is some rumor that the 'xtx', although we never saw a real one to be sure, made the 8800gtx look like kid shit. These rumors were largely unsubstantiated, so dont feel bad. You bought the right card...

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