ATI FireGL V8600  (Source: AMD)

ATI FireGL V5600  (Source: AMD)

ATI FireGL V3600  (Source: AMD)
AMD releases a new HD 2000 Series based ATI FireGL lineup

AMD today announced the first update to its ATI FireGL workstation graphics card lineup since the release of the 1GB video memory packing ATI FireGL V7350 over a year ago. The update includes a top to bottom lineup consisting of HD 2000-series based ATI FireGL models ranging from the entry-level V3600 to the range topping V8650.

AMD offers two entry-level ATI FireGL cards – the V3600 and V5600. The ATIFireGL V3600 features an RV630 Pro core with a 600 MHz core clock. AMD pairs the RV630 Pro ASIC with 256MB of video memory on a 128-bit interface. The ATI FireGL V3600 delivers 16GB/sec of memory bandwidth in this configuration. AMD rates the entry-level ATI FireGL V3600 with power consumption levels less than 50 watts.

Stepping up to the ATI FireGL V5600 ups the video memory to 512MB, but still limited to the 128-bit interface. AMD employs faster memory on the ATI FireGL V5600, raising memory bandwidth to 35GB/sec. The ATI FireGL V5600 also has a faster core clock – 800 MHz.This model has a power consumption rating of less than 75 watts. Both entry-level models feature shader model 4.0 support with 120 shader processing units.

AMD positions the ATI FireGL V7600 as its mid-range offering. The ATI FireGL V7600 features the R600 Pro core, a core AMD has yet to utilize in consumer desktop applications. The ATI FireGL V7600 features a 600 MHz core clock with 320 shader processing units. AMD equips the ATI FireGL V7600 with 512MB of video memory good for 51.2GB/sec of memory bandwidth. The ATI FireGL V7600 has a 256-bit memory interface – half that of the desktop R600XT. AMD rates power consumption for the ATI FireGL V7600 at less than 150 watt.

Two models occupy the high-end – the ATI FireGL V8600 and V8650. These models feature the R600XTX core with 700 MHz clocks. The two models have the standard R600 512-bit memory interface. The ATI FireGL V8600 and V8650 have 128GB/sec of memory bandwidth. As with the ATI FireGL V7600, the V8600 and V8650 have 320 shader processing units. AMD differentiates the ATI FireGL V8600 and V8650 by the amount of equipped video memory.

The ATI FireGL V8600 has 1GB of video memory. Stepping up to the ATI FireGL V8650 yields 2GB of video memory for high end digital content creation and medical tasks. The two models have different power consumption ratings as well. The 1GB ATI FireGL V8600 has a less than 225 watt rating while the 2GB V8650 has a greater than 255 watt rating.

"We look forward to working with the new ATI ATI FireGL family of products. AMD has a history of innovation and delivering excellent value and performance,” said Rob Hoffmann, senior 3D product marketing manager for Autodesk Media and Entertainment. “Professional content creators will appreciate features that increase visual fidelity and performance. We expect Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max customers to see a significant performance increase using the next generation ATI ATI FireGL graphics cards."

AMD ATI FireGL Pricing

Expect the cost of entry of AMD’s new ATI FireGL lineup at $299 for the V3600. The lineup tops out at $2799 for the ATI FireGL V8650.

"Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be." -- Steve Ballmer
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