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Muzzle flash!  (Source: EA/Crytek)

Fog effects or just draw distance constraints?  (Source: EA/Crytek)
PC killer gaming app "Crysis" to ship November 16, 2007

Console gamers will have many, many amazing games to play this holiday season, but PC gamers will have an exclusive title to make the console crowd jealous. This game, of course, is Crysis – a title that has already wowed anyone who has seen video of screenshots of the gorgeous graphics.

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Crytek have announced that Crysis will be hitting retail stores in North America and Europe on November 16, 2007.

“Crytek is constantly striving to push the boundaries of both game design and technology, while maintaining quality at the highest bar,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek. “We’re thankful to our fans for their support and patience, and we’re excited to bring them Crysis this year. It’s going to be worth the wait.”

Official system requirements and recommended specs have yet to be announced, but it is estimated that the lowest-spec PC that will run Crysis will consist of:

CPU: Athlon 64 3000+/Intel 2.8ghz
Graphics: Nvidia 6600/X800GTO (SM 2.0)
RAM: 768Mb/1Gb on Windows Vista
Internet: 256k+
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX9.0c with Windows XP

With the recommended system expected to be:

CPU: Dual-core CPU (Athlon X2/Pentium D)
Graphics: Nvidia 7800GTX/ATI X1800XT (SM 3.0) or DX10 equivalent
RAM: 1.5Gb
Internet: 512k+ (128k+ upstream)
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX10 with Windows Vista
Although Crysis won’t be the first game to carry with it DirectX 10 visuals, it could be the killer app to entice gamers to make the jump to Windows Vista. Unlike the other DirectX 10 titles Halo 2 and Shadowrun, Crysis will also run with DirectX 9 on Windows XP.

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By Domicinator on 8/5/2007 9:52:56 AM , Rating: 2
Some of you guys don't seem to be "up" on current hardware/software.

Crysis will not revolutionize FPS games, it will revolutionize ALL games. Why? Good graphics are not the reason. It's going to be the gameplay. You can use almost any object in the game to your advantage. For example, you can pick up a tree limb and hit someone with it. You can pick up a dead enemy and use him as a shield. The possibilities are endless. It's been said that there is more technology in one tree in Crysis than there was in the entire game of FarCry. The physics engine alone is going to change the way you think of how you accomplish a mission in a game forever. And by the way, this is all being done using extra cores on the CPU, not a fancy PhysX card or a third GPU.

Also, if you know anything about hardware you will know that the Q6600 can be had for relatively cheap. Intel has been slashing prices to knock AMD down a few more notches. Since Q6600 is the sweet spot as far as price vs. performance, a lot of people are buying them now. If you know anything about overclocking, you can get a lot more performance out of a Q6600 than stock speed. And there are really good deals out there for 8800GTS 320 AND 640 MB versions.

It's time for people to wake up and accept the major changes that are happening in PC gaming right now. Games coming out THIS YEAR will be able to utilize more than 2 cores at a time. DirectX 10 will get fine tuned and run a lot better on Vista by the time Crysis comes out. It's one of the biggest titles in the headlines for the last 2 years. Microsoft and Crytek will make sure that it runs well when it comes out. I wouldn't expect anything less from Crytek.

And as far as anyone saying they're "boycotting" EA, good luck. You're not doing anyone any good by doing that. You're just missing out on some good games. BTW, EA is only distributing Crysis, not developing it. So get over yourself and give credit where credit is due. Some games are just simply good. You're not teaching anyone a lesson by staging your own personal little boycott. That's just plain ridiculous. If you want to hate EA, fine, but whether or not you like their business practices, they do put out some gems every now and then. I love how people are all "down with EA", but then when a game like C&C comes out, they temporarily suspend their principles and buy the game. It's all a bunch of BS.

"Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be." -- Steve Ballmer

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