Some thoughts on last week's AMD Analyst Day

I've been called out, as it were, by a writer from The Inquirer with regard to the 3.0 GHz AMD Phenom comments I made last week. I'll preface this by stating I was not at the show, but I was not completely out of the loop either.

According to Mr. Demerjian:
First off, some people have been spreading interesting "stories" on how the systems were presented. There were two, not one of them on display right next to each other. The one on the left was running Call of Juarez demo and the one on the right was running Stranglehold, the box itself is out of the frame.
According to DailyTech:
AMD made two systems running the Agena processors available for media to play select games.  The company would not let anyone view the system properties details, but sent the two featured images to press beforehand.
What can I say other than my information with this regard was second hand?  In addition, my contact at the show was there the day before Mr. Demerjian, and emailed the images found on DailyTech and several other publications the day before.

In fact, I reached out to several AMD employees with specific inquiries about the demonstrations -- all were ignored or denied for comment.  However, those same contacts at AMD public relations went out of the way to give me a quote about the processor ramp frequency. 

I'm glad Mr. Demerjian had a chance to kick the tires on the new 3.0 GHz Phenom machines.  I personally have a stricter burden of proof than "
it would be pretty hard to run CoJ and Stranglehold smoothly at high rez with low clocked CPUs."  Afterall, we're still dealing with the same company that wrote the book on simulated benchmarks.

According to Mr.
Anyone who says anything different has an agenda. Anyone that says differently and was not there has serious credibility problems. In any case, none of the doom and gloom and/or alien technology conspiracies are true.
AMD's corporate roadmap, dated less than a week before the AMD Analyst Day states:
AMD Phenom™ FX-91
2.4-2.6GHz, 2MB Dedicated* L2
2MB Shared L3, Pkg 1207+
3600MHz HT 3.0 Bus

AMD Phenom™ X4 GP-7100
2.2-2.4GHz, 2MB Dedicated* L2
2MB Shared L3
3600MHz HT 3.0 Bus

Phenom X4 and X2 now begin shipping in Nov/Dec
Both of those processors are the halo offerings for AMD at the Phenom launch.  Doom and gloom?  Pragmatism and reservation might be a better choice of words.

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