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Circuit City flyer clearly marking the new Xbox 360 prices  (Source: NeoGAF)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium plunges $50, Elite ebbs $30, Core cut $20

Another picture of an upcoming circular for a major electronics retailer shows price cuts across the board for the Xbox 360.

Shown in the Circuit City flyer are new prices for all three versions of the Microsoft console, with the Premium 20GB version getting the expected $50 price cut. Circuit City is also offering a free copy of Rockstar Table Tennis with the purchase of the Xbox 360 Premium.

The two other Xbox 360 products, however, will not be getting as considerable a price cut as its more common brethren.

The Xbox 360 Elite, which features an HDMI port and a 120GB hard drive, will only be receiving a $30 price cut down to $449. The Xbox 360 Core package, which is missing the hard drive and other accessories, will see an even smaller cut of $20 to $279.

These prices indicate smaller price adjustments than originally forecasted by Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter, who believed that the $299 Core system would drop to $249, the $399 Premium down to $349, and the $479 Elite to $399.

Although Microsoft has yet to formally announce new pricing of its console, retailer ads from Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Usalso indicate lower prices hitting on August 12.

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Not as good as expected
By FITCamaro on 7/31/2007 5:38:59 PM , Rating: 3
I agree that the pricing should have been $250, $350, $400.

But all I can think is that either as someone said, this is just to flush out the 90nm models and then the 65nm models come in (of course it'd make more sense to offer the 90nm cheaper too).

Or they're leaving room for yet another price cut at Christmas time.

I have a feeling that with Sony raising the price of the PS3 back to $600 once the 60GB models are gone, they don't feel as threatened to lower the price as much right away. $450 for the Premium will put it $150 below the PS3. Add in the cost of the HD-DVD drive and you you're only spending $30 then the price of the PS3, but of course then you have to buy a HDMI cable for the PS3.

But yes a $100 difference between the Premium and Elite is too much. HDMI, 100GB more hard drive space, and black coloring doesn't justify that big a gap in my book unless it was $300 for the Premium(as the new base) and $400 for the Elite.

RE: Not as good as expected
By RubberJohnny on 7/31/07, Rating: 0
RE: Not as good as expected
By Moishe on 8/1/2007 7:56:30 AM , Rating: 2

"We don't know how to make a $500 computer that's not a piece of junk." -- Apple CEO Steve Jobs
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