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AMD plans one last "Windsor" based Athlon 64 X2

AMD refuses to kill off its 90nm Windsor core Athlon 64 X2 processors. The Athlon 64 X2 6000+ is AMD’s fastest dual-core performance processor. The processor launched last February to the tune of 3.0 GHz with a 125-watt TDP.

The model continues to stay on AMD’s roadmap throughout the rest of 2007 and half of 2008. AMD plans a refresher for the Athlon 64 X2 6000+. Instead of moving it to the 65nm Brisbane core like many other Athlon 64 X2 models, including the 5200+, 5000+, 4800+, 4400+, 4000+, 3600+ and BE-series, the refreshed X2 6000+ sticks to the Windsor core.

The refreshed model drops the thermal ratings down to 89-watts. Still, the reduced thermal envelope is still 24-watts higher than the highest-clocked Brisbane – the X2 5200+ at 2.7 GHz. However, the thermals match AMD’s upcoming Phenom X2 GP-6800, a Kuma based model slated for Q1’2008.

Despite the impending launch of the Phenom X2 series, the Athlon 64 X2 6000+ remains the only mainstream AMD dual-core desktop processor with a 3.0 GHz clock frequency. The upcoming Phenom X2 series top out around 2.4-to-2.8 GHz when the GP-6800 launches, according to a recent AMD roadmap. AMD does not have any plans to release a 3.0 GHz Barcelona on its roadmap yet.

Expect AMD to release 89-watt Athlon 64 X2 6000+ processors next quarter.

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By whickywhickyjim on 8/1/2007 4:28:53 AM , Rating: 0
they release this garbage, yet still no 939 refresh? lame.

RE: lame
By Targon on 8/1/2007 7:57:02 AM , Rating: 2
Socket 939 is dead, which you should have realized by now. AMD moved to socket AM2 due to the industry as a whole moving to DDR2 memory and not being in the position to support both DDR1 and DDR2 using the integrated memory controller.

It isn't so much about AMD not having the technology or the ability to design such a part, the issue is that AMD is currently involved in making new fabs, as well as the conversion of their existing fabs to move fully to 65nm. If AMD had the fab capacity that Intel has, then of course they could have left one facility manufacturing socket 939 while the others worked on AM2, AM2+, 1207, and 1207+ based parts.

With Barcelona due out in August, you also have to figure that AMD is working to stockpile initial supplies for the launch, as well as trying to get Barcelona yields up, including testing to see if any will pass the tests at 2.1 and 2.3GHz at this point.

You complaining about a lack of new socket 939 parts is like complaining that you don't see new Pentium 4 chips being released at higher clock speeds. Once a company has put an end of life on manufacturing of a certain category of parts, that's pretty much going to be it for new versions.

RE: lame
By aos007 on 8/1/2007 12:54:21 PM , Rating: 2
You are right, lame INDEED. I bought Q6600 this weekend to replace my X2 4400 939 which is not even 2 years old. I normally upgrade often and I would have LOVED to pick up an upgrade to that machine given current low CPU prices. But no, they HAD to change the friggin' socket. Given the right motherboard I was even able to keep using my old DDR ram for now with Q6600. I don't care if it's hard to make memory controller handle both DDR and DDR2 - AsRock and VIA apparently didn't think so when they designed 4COREDUAL-VSTA.

AMD has only to blame themselves. If you don't provide me an upgrade path, I'm - shockingly - NOT going to upgrade. Unbelievable that big companies can't put that through their heads. Especially with desktop market shrinking to notebooks and given that upgradeability is one of the biggest advantages of having a desktop.

RE: lame
By Silver2k7 on 8/7/2007 3:10:31 AM , Rating: 1
Stop bitching about your socket.. or perhaps give it a go at AGP too while your at it.

I don't know if you ever read about Socket AM2 working with Socket AM2+ CPU's and perhaps also beeing backwards compatible with Socket AM3.

I doubt your intel socket will be backwards compatible with their next socket. but alot of people upgrade their mobo/cpu/memory at the same time. I guess you will have to do that next time also ;)

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