Cisco doesn't plan to kill off the Linksys brand in the near future

Last week Cisco CEO John Chambers said the Linksys products would begin carrying the Cisco name over time, during a discussion with the press. The Linksys brand will live on, at least for a while more.

Cisco is now saying the Linksys brand will continue in the near term, according to Engadget. Cisco also said changes would come, if they could add value to the customers buying decisions.

My guess is that what we are seeing here is a case of someone in the marketing department going, excuse me but Linksys has a reputation built over years (good or bad) and at least consumers recognize the name. Cisco is a big name in geeky circles and enterprise, but I doubt the average consumer at Best Buy has heard of Cisco.

Perhaps some of the upcoming products from Cisco will fare better in the marketplace by wearing the Linksys name, such as the rumored Apple TV competitor Cisco is said to be working on. There is certainly a lot to be said about name recognition when it comes to marketing. I know I will buy a product from a company I have heard of over a similar product from a company I haven’t heard of, even if the unheard of company has a better price or features.

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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