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A new decontented Prius becomes America's cheapest hybrid

The cost of entry for Toyota's wildly popular Prius hybrid just got a little bit cheaper. Toyota announced on Monday that it would introduce a new "standard model" for the 2008 Prius which will start at $20,950 -- down from $22,175 for the previous base 2007 Prius.

The price cut effectively makes the Prius the cheapest hybrid available on the market. The crown was previously held by the Saturn Aura Green Line which has a base MSRP of $22,695 including destination fee.

There is no word on what features Toyota cut to drop the price by over $1,000, but possible targets might include traction control, heated mirrors and steering wheel radio controls.

The Prius wasn't the only Toyota hybrid to receive a price cut -- the company announced last week that the Camry Hybrid would receive a $1,000 price cut for the 2008 model year. In order to reach the lower $25,860 price point, Toyota ditched the leather steering wheel/shift knob, Homelink and JBL audio system among other things.

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RE: Yay for America...
By Ringold on 7/31/2007 9:31:20 PM , Rating: -1
Something tells me Canadians would likewise complain if the CDN precipitously dropped because, woops! Now everything imported is more expensive.

The Big Mac Index suggests the CDN is 8% over-valued versus the dollar, so, maybe that's significant and portends a future movement of either the US$ or C$.And yes, I just referenced the Big Mac index with a straight face, even though you cant see it.. I'd say increase imports to balance the trade surplus, but thats a little hard to pull off with 50% marginal tax rates on the top bracket, and swapping inflation for temporary exports hurts long-term growth (that's lookin' at you, Sarkozy). Best way to drop the currency, then, would be a good tax cut, for the middle and upper classes; they'd buy goodies, imports offset exports, and with more money to invest, they'd drive down interest rates by piling in to bonds.

Not directly seeing the currency benefits sounds like a competition (and public perception) problem. Again, tax cuts might help that..

Canada gets what it asks for, as do we all. I'd say give up the whole independent nation thing, let the lefty states join on as an expansion of Maine or Vermont, and let Manitoba join as North Texas. Currency imbalance solved! :)

RE: Yay for America...
By Aprime on 8/1/2007 8:43:11 AM , Rating: 2
There was actually an advantage for us when the dollar was at 65 or so cents.

Now there is none, prices aren't going down and exporting isn't as profitable as it used to be, leading to job cuts in first-tier sectors.

I'd understand a 10-15% difference because that's would be safe considering the dollar has been navigating in those waters (as in: it hasn't gone below that point, yet) for quite some time, but the thing is, things have barely changed for Canadian consumers since the days of the 65 cent dollar.

And you know nothing about Canada.

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