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There's going to be more Windows Vista than automobiles by 2008

Although many PC users are still satisfied with their Windows XP experience, Microsoft was proud to announce that it has shipped 60 million copies of its Windows Vista operating system.

In particular, Microsoft boasted that it had quickly surpassed the entire install base of another computer maker that’s better known these days for its music players. "By our math, we eclipsed the entire install base of Apple in the first five weeks of shipment," said Kevin Turner, Microsoft's COO.

While 60 million copies would be an impressive number for any other software maker, an operating system from Microsoft must aspire to reach completely new heights. Microsoft isn’t simply looking at millions of units – it’s looking at the billions.

"The install base of Windows computers this coming 12 months will reach one billion," said Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO. "If you stop and think about that for a second, by end of our fiscal year '08 there will be more PCs running Windows in the world than there are automobiles, which to me is kind of a mind-numbing concept."

Earlier this year, shortly after the launch of Windows Vista, Ballmer blamed piracy for the operating system’s sluggish start, while also viewing the stop of illegal activity as a chance to grow sales. "Piracy reduction can be a source of Windows revenue growth, and I think we'll make some piracy improvements this year," Ballmer said.

Shortly after Ballmer's comments, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was more upbeat and stated that Vista had been "incredibly well received." Gates continued, "People who sell PCs have seen a very nice lift in their sales. People have come in and wanted to buy Vista."

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RE: yeah right
By sturedrup on 7/31/2007 5:03:47 PM , Rating: 2
Umm by any slight chance did you invest time into trialing the betas for vista? I tried beta 2 and all hope about a 5 year project (acutally they only spent 2 years because of poor planning) and what did it achieve, absolutly nothing. I lost hope that day running it and regreated every downloading it.

I heard RC1 came out so a mate of mine gave it a go, worked 10 times better than beta 2, however the same BS was there. When the refresh of RC2 was available I wasn't going to touch it with the mouse much less a 40 foot pole.

My brother needed a laptop the other month to start correspondence in his trade but unfortunately 90% of laptops sold now run vista. I gave him some advice: "vista only does the basics, don't expect it to pull a rabbit out of its arse like xp can." Sure enough to this very date programs he used to run on xp don't work, thing act stupidly and its not a pretty picture to talk about.

Vista, stable and/or secure? Please don't say things that arn't 100% true, if vista is all high and mighty about itself then why don't review sites use vista over xp to demonstrate game review, etc? Faster, stfu, the god damn UAC (user account control) makes the whole thing slow, every time you want to open/run something this guy is always first on the scene to say "doing this action may/will break your computer". I accept that coming up to install a driver, granted, but everytime you open a notepad file?

One last note about vista. The inside truth about the OS is that it still contains beta code, yes the RETAIL version contains beta and will not be lifted until SP1. So vista will not be vista until SP1, which will be here they say around Q2 2008. O and wasn't there a news article about a patch in vista fixing the SLI/crossfire issue? funny, SLI/crossfire not working right because of a driver issue, no, microsoft FORGOTE to turn on the code for multi GPU support, so whos fault is it for crap SLI/crossfire support?

All in all I currently run and have been running XP professional x64 edition for the past 2 years. First 6 months was hell with no driver support, after that this thing was fly'n. You want to see a stable, fast and secure OS, give xp x64 a go and believe me you'll have a grin on your fast as levels load 100 time faster and file transfer is that much better, and somehow you'll get 300 more points running 3Dmark06 against a mate running an excat system to yours only on x86.

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