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There's going to be more Windows Vista than automobiles by 2008

Although many PC users are still satisfied with their Windows XP experience, Microsoft was proud to announce that it has shipped 60 million copies of its Windows Vista operating system.

In particular, Microsoft boasted that it had quickly surpassed the entire install base of another computer maker that’s better known these days for its music players. "By our math, we eclipsed the entire install base of Apple in the first five weeks of shipment," said Kevin Turner, Microsoft's COO.

While 60 million copies would be an impressive number for any other software maker, an operating system from Microsoft must aspire to reach completely new heights. Microsoft isn’t simply looking at millions of units – it’s looking at the billions.

"The install base of Windows computers this coming 12 months will reach one billion," said Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO. "If you stop and think about that for a second, by end of our fiscal year '08 there will be more PCs running Windows in the world than there are automobiles, which to me is kind of a mind-numbing concept."

Earlier this year, shortly after the launch of Windows Vista, Ballmer blamed piracy for the operating system’s sluggish start, while also viewing the stop of illegal activity as a chance to grow sales. "Piracy reduction can be a source of Windows revenue growth, and I think we'll make some piracy improvements this year," Ballmer said.

Shortly after Ballmer's comments, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was more upbeat and stated that Vista had been "incredibly well received." Gates continued, "People who sell PCs have seen a very nice lift in their sales. People have come in and wanted to buy Vista."

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RE: yeah right
By Alexstarfire on 7/31/2007 1:26:54 PM , Rating: 2
That's highly debatable. I have yet to see any kind of benchmark that shows Vista being faster. More secure, possibly. It's not like most of us go around testing how secure our systems are, so that's not much of an issue unless you go looking for trouble daily.

Also, I assume the comparison you are using is meant for XP, and not Vista. 2000/XP was more stable, but that's about it.

RE: yeah right
By JCheng on 7/31/2007 4:48:09 PM , Rating: 2
Given enough RAM, I've found that Vista is faster along one particular metric: application launch times, thanks to Superfetch. For applications you use often, the difference is not subtle. When I use a cold-booted XP machine and fire up a web browser, it seems to take forever compared with Vista.

Conversely, for most of the areas where Vista is slower, it's only 10% slower which is hard to notice without doing a back to back comparison. (This is not including a couple of truly problematic areas like OpenGL, large file copy operations from the shell, and the shell implementation of unzipping)

I think most users (non-gamers) are only really used to waiting on web pages to load and for applications to launch, so it's easy to see how Vista can be perceived as faster by most users even though there's hardly a benchmark on earth that shows Vista to be faster than XP.

Disclosure: I work for Microsoft, although not remotely connected to Windows or Vista.

RE: yeah right
By FITCamaro on 7/31/2007 4:49:27 PM , Rating: 1
It might not be faster, but the majority of reviews do show it not to be slower provided you have enough RAM. Yes it does require a good amount of memory, but other than that, its just as good or better than XP. I think the better user account implementation makes it better just from that.

The only reason it wouldn't be as good for gaming is because the driver support isn't there from the graphics card companies and the sound card companies. But thats hardly Vista's or Microsoft's fault. As another person said, Microsoft got tired of being blamed for driver issues, so they improved their driver model which made everyone have to write new drivers. Some companies have had issues doing that.

People are always quick to blame the first thing they see when something goes wrong. If your TV goes bad, who do you bitch at first? The majority answer is the store who sold it to you. Did they make the TV? No. Same with an OS. Did Microsoft write the driver? No. So don't whine to them if it doesn't work and crashed Vista. Doing so doesn't fix the driver. Nvidia or Creative is responsible for ensuring their driver works with Microsoft's OS, not the other way around. Nor is it Microsoft's job to fix the driver for them.

Now if Internet Explorer crashes, then you can whine to Microsoft.

RE: yeah right
By andrinoaa on 8/1/2007 2:52:43 AM , Rating: 2
When you consider the grief that Vista has/will cause, I am mighty pissed off that "MICROsoft" didn't bite the bullet and go full on with the new OS. I mean full 64bit and all those other bits that make Linux and Apple great.
I think we are being sold a pup. For god's sake, intel chips have been 64bit enabled for a long time now, what drugs are they on in Redmond? I am now thinking of Linux with vmware to run XP, and how much more advanced than this setup is Vista? Cricky, the hardware is disappearing in the distance and the OS has stripped its gears!!!
angry, no, just pissed off that I have to wait another generation of OS to get were I want to be. This means more money to get into vista( hardware is now cheaper than software DOH ) and then more at the end of its cycle, hell why don't I just write a cheque to MS right now and cut the red tape?

"Mac OS X is like living in a farmhouse in the country with no locks, and Windows is living in a house with bars on the windows in the bad part of town." -- Charlie Miller
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