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The Dell-Linux partnership continues to flourish

Dell plans to expand its Ubuntu PC and notebook offerings due to continued demand Dell has seen for the Ubuntu products, said Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu creator.  Shuttleworth also founded Canonical, the company responsible for offering support for Ubuntu Linux users.

"What's been announced to date is not the full extent of what we will see over the next couple of weeks and months," Shuttleworth said during an interview.  "There are additional offerings in the pipeline," he added.

Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden did not make an official statement to Reuters about future products, but did say that Dell is happy with the response the company has received for Linux.  Even though most of the products sold were likely to previous fans of Linux and open source technology, some first time customers also made purchases.

Dell currently offers five products which run the Ubuntu operating system.  The company had egg on its face after Dell Ubuntu Linux customers discovered they apparently paid $225 more for an Inspiron 1420 notebook loaded with Ubuntu - Dell quickly fixed the error, changing the price so the Ubuntu version is now $50 cheaper.

Although the Microsoft Windows operating system still controls the PC operating system market, the Linux OS can be considered as Microsoft's biggest threat.

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RE: Biggest threat
By herrdoktor330 on 7/31/2007 11:23:33 PM , Rating: 2
Mac OSX would be a big threat to Microsoft if they would sell the operating system independently of their hardware. I think that if they would get away from marrying their OS to their hardware, they could rock Redmond pretty hard. But I don't believe that Apple will ever sell a cross-platform OS to compete with the open x86-64 market. That would require all hardware vendors to get onboard with making drivers for Mac. Then Mac would start getting their own tastes of the BSODs, random lockups, and all the other problems that Microsoft has.

I don't think that Mac will ever be a real threat to Microsoft because of their closed choices in hardware. Don't get me wrong: Apple uses nice hardware in their Macs... but you don't get the virtual salad of cpus, chipsets, gpus, and the like that Microsoft has to get support for. It's the nature of the beast. And you can't get a Mac for less than $300 (unless you hack your AppleTV). You can get a Windows/VIA C7 powered PC with DVD burner for that price at Wal-Mart.

But anyways... Ubuntu has the ability to drive PC costs further down when you eliminate Windows licensing. I'm sure you can get that VIA C7 system for about $260 USD if they were selling it with a free Linux distro.

RE: Biggest threat
By mlau on 8/1/2007 2:48:19 AM , Rating: 2
but you don't get the virtual salad of cpus, chipsets, gpus, and the like that Microsoft has to get support for

MS doesn't support shit... its the HW vendors who design
their crap around the deficiencies of windows (why do you
think ACPI support is so flaky under linux? Linux adheres to
the acpi spec, ms does not. So the bios people add hacks until windows boots and then ship it.
Same goes for things like HPET or MSI. Linux could use
those but chipset vendors don't test them because windows
cannot use them. Windows is the reason commodity PC hardware is stuck in the 90s)

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