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AMD plans to launch two Phenom X4 and three X2 models within the next three quarters

AMD’s latest roadmap reveals the company’s model numbers for the performance and mainstream Phenom X4 and X2 processors. Despite AMD issuing model numbers, the clock speeds are still ballpark figures and not yet set in stone. AMD has two Phenom X4 and three X2 models planned. Three of the models are set for a Q4’2007 launch.

The Agena-based Phenom X4 processors carry the GP-7xxx model number. There will be two Phenom X4 GP-7xxx processors at launch – the GP-7100 and the GP-7000. AMD plans to clock the Phenom X4 GP-7100 from 2.2-to-2.4 GHz. The Phenom X4 GP-7100 has a 3600 MHz HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3, bus speed. The lesser Phenom X4 GP-7000 has a targeted clock speed between 2.0-to-2.2 GHz and a lesser HT3 bus speed in excess of 3200 MHz. The two quad-core processors will have 89-watt thermal ratings.

AMD plans to launch one Phenom X2 GP-6xxx model by the end of the year. The Phenom X2 GP-6550 joins the Phenom line up next quarter clocked somewhere between 2.0-to-2.4 GHz. The first Phenom X2 to launch has a 3600 MHz HT3 bus speed. This model has a TDP of 65 watts.

Two more Phenom X2 GP-6xxx models will join the lineup in Q1’2008. The Phenom X2 GP-6650 will launch first between 2.2-to-2.6 GHz with a 3600 MHz HT3 bus speed. This model has a 65-watt TDP, similar to the GP-6550. The next Phenom X2 GP-6xxx model to launch is the GP-6800. This model has a higher 89-watt TDP, but still a dual-core processor. AMD aims for a 2.4-to-2.8 GHz clock speed with a 4000 MHz HT3 bus speed.

In Q2’2008, AMD plans to launch one more Stars processor based on the Rana core. This model does not carry the Phenom name because it’s a lower end mainstream processor without L3 cache. The Athlon X2 LS-2350 aims to clock in at 2.0-to-2.2 GHz with a 3200 MHz HT3 bus speed.

The 3.0 GHz Phenom processor that AMD demonstrated last week during its Analyst Day does not appear anywhere in the most recent desktop roadmap.

AMD's latest guidance explains that sample availability for AM2 Phenom will begin in the "September/October" window, with box stock during "November/December." 

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RE: OK, say the thing tops out at 2.4 GHz
By defter on 7/28/2007 2:28:22 PM , Rating: -1
What are you smoking? K10 20-40% faster clock-to-clock against Conroe in desktop???

My guess is that K10 might be about 5-10% faster clock-to-clock compared to Conroe and roughly equal against Penryn. If you read Barcelona related articles, you will notice that most of the new stuff of Barcelona is already presented in Core2. Thus, there is simply no reason for a huge clock-to-clock difference on desktop. In servers, situation will be different.

RE: OK, say the thing tops out at 2.4 GHz
By Comdrpopnfresh on 7/29/2007 11:51:34 AM , Rating: 3
Why do you suspect that Penryn will be 5-10% faster than Conroe? It is simply a die shrink. Maybe a 1-3% increase could be seen, but for the most part the increases will come from efficiencies: thermals and voltage, so therefore power consumption and overclockability, as well as the availability to produce higher-speed chips which meet or beat Conroes of the same TDP and voltage.

By Shintai on 7/29/2007 4:47:51 PM , Rating: 3
By Maskarat on 7/29/2007 5:17:47 PM , Rating: 5
And why should you think that a 2.4 ghz Barcelona is anything near a 3ghz penryn! We have seen hard rock benchmarks of neither product!

So until now .. both sides have just been issuing PR junk! When C2D was first demonstrated by Intel.. i remember AMD guys shouting .. "Oh no.. those are cooked numbers! It's not possible" .. now a year and a half after .. they are quick to jump on ship because of some promises. Come on!! When these two new products come out .. they'll come out .. till then .. it's all a big blob!

"Mac OS X is like living in a farmhouse in the country with no locks, and Windows is living in a house with bars on the windows in the bad part of town." -- Charlie Miller
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