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AMD plans to launch two Phenom X4 and three X2 models within the next three quarters

AMD’s latest roadmap reveals the company’s model numbers for the performance and mainstream Phenom X4 and X2 processors. Despite AMD issuing model numbers, the clock speeds are still ballpark figures and not yet set in stone. AMD has two Phenom X4 and three X2 models planned. Three of the models are set for a Q4’2007 launch.

The Agena-based Phenom X4 processors carry the GP-7xxx model number. There will be two Phenom X4 GP-7xxx processors at launch – the GP-7100 and the GP-7000. AMD plans to clock the Phenom X4 GP-7100 from 2.2-to-2.4 GHz. The Phenom X4 GP-7100 has a 3600 MHz HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3, bus speed. The lesser Phenom X4 GP-7000 has a targeted clock speed between 2.0-to-2.2 GHz and a lesser HT3 bus speed in excess of 3200 MHz. The two quad-core processors will have 89-watt thermal ratings.

AMD plans to launch one Phenom X2 GP-6xxx model by the end of the year. The Phenom X2 GP-6550 joins the Phenom line up next quarter clocked somewhere between 2.0-to-2.4 GHz. The first Phenom X2 to launch has a 3600 MHz HT3 bus speed. This model has a TDP of 65 watts.

Two more Phenom X2 GP-6xxx models will join the lineup in Q1’2008. The Phenom X2 GP-6650 will launch first between 2.2-to-2.6 GHz with a 3600 MHz HT3 bus speed. This model has a 65-watt TDP, similar to the GP-6550. The next Phenom X2 GP-6xxx model to launch is the GP-6800. This model has a higher 89-watt TDP, but still a dual-core processor. AMD aims for a 2.4-to-2.8 GHz clock speed with a 4000 MHz HT3 bus speed.

In Q2’2008, AMD plans to launch one more Stars processor based on the Rana core. This model does not carry the Phenom name because it’s a lower end mainstream processor without L3 cache. The Athlon X2 LS-2350 aims to clock in at 2.0-to-2.2 GHz with a 3200 MHz HT3 bus speed.

The 3.0 GHz Phenom processor that AMD demonstrated last week during its Analyst Day does not appear anywhere in the most recent desktop roadmap.

AMD's latest guidance explains that sample availability for AM2 Phenom will begin in the "September/October" window, with box stock during "November/December." 

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Time is what i have
By bassjunkie on 7/28/2007 3:31:50 AM , Rating: 2
Your all way to quick to judge.. we all knew months ago they was not planning a 3Ghz CPU on release :P and to Gul Westfale the Hyper Transport being higher than the Clock speed is not bad you Nab.

Just wait and see like we are already waiting, I got Intel like the rest do but I'm so looking forward to these AMD Chips :)

RE: Time is what i have
By Gul Westfale on 7/28/2007 7:20:19 AM , Rating: 2
i knoiw it's not "bad" to have more bandwidth it just seemed funny to me that the bus is faster than the chip. i mean CPUs have been stuck at 2-3GHz (a bit more for intel) for quite some time now, and now the bus is faster than the CPU... it just seems weird, that's all.

RE: Time is what i have
By Fozzik on 7/28/2007 8:21:06 AM , Rating: 3
Well, if I'm not mistaken they are probably still quoting the "effective" speed of the Hypertransport bus. It's full duplex, so they have always doubled the actual clock speed for the marketing. The current Hypertransport is often referred to as a 2GHz bus, only because it's 1GHz in both directions at the same time.

So my guess would be the new buses are 1.6 - 1.8GHz, running full duplex. I could be wrong though...I haven't been following things that closely. =)

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