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AMD talks Bulldozer  (Source: AMD)

AMD details "Falcon," a mainstream processor for "Copperhead"  (Source: AMD)
AMD talks details of "Bulldozer," the first completely new architecture since K8

AMD plans to launch its third-generation Opteron platform in 2009 with the Sandtiger octal-core processor. Beneath Sandtiger is AMD’s M-SPACE modular approach towards CPUs. M-SPACE allows AMD to mix and match CPU features for specific tasks.

The definition for M-SPACE is as follows:
  • Modular: Reconfigurable “building blocks” for design speed/agility
  • Scalable: Linear scaling of multi and single-thread performance
  • Portable: Energy-efficiency for increased mobility/portability
  • Accessible: Ongoing commitment to open innovation
  • Compatible: Backward compatibility and ease of upgrade
  • Efficient: Optimal on-chip and system level I/O efficiency
Sandtiger’s eight cores consist of eight AMD Bulldozers. Bulldozer is the name AMD has given to one of the CPU cores for its M-SPACE architecture. AMD claims dramatic performance-per-watt improvements in HPC applications with Bulldozer cores. Unlike Barcelona and Shanghai, which have evolved from AMD’s K8 architecture, Bulldozer is a completely new design developed from the ground up.

AMD installs eight Bulldozer CPU cores in Sandtiger with a memory control. AMD optimizes the design for servers and raises the performance-per-watt bar for single and multithreaded applications.

The modular M-SPACE technology also finds its way into Fusion. AMD plans to mix and match M-SPACE components for Falcon, a Fusion processor optimized for mobile and mainstream desktops. Falcon forms the basis of AMD’s planned Copperhead mainstream desktop platform. Falcon features four Bulldozer CPU cores with an integrated graphics processor. The integrated graphics processor features DirectX 10, possibly 11, support with AMD’s Universal Video Decoder, or UVD, technology. Falcon also features integrated PCIe.

In addition to Bulldozer, AMD has the Bobcat CPU core for Fusion processors designed for mobile, ultra-mobile and consumer electronics applications. Bobcat is also a completely new design and has greater power scaling capabilities. Bobcat-based processor designs can consume as low as one watt of power. AMD has not announced any details of Bobcat-powered Fusion processors yet.

Expect AMD to introduce Fusion designs based on Bulldozer and Bobcat beginning in 2009.

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RE: Good picture, but arguably wrong idea
By James Holden on 7/26/2007 11:20:21 PM , Rating: 4
We can fight the machines. We can fight the apes. But we can't defeat both at the same time! -- Tenacious D

RE: Good picture, but arguably wrong idea
By LogicallyGenius on 7/27/2007 6:34:34 AM , Rating: 2
Why waste time thinking about 2009

Lets focus on now, 12MB Intel Quad Core, DDR3, 1333 FSB, Asus on board ram, onboard shader 3.0 etc etc

RE: Good picture, but arguably wrong idea
By TSS on 7/27/2007 7:09:34 PM , Rating: 2
because we can't talk about 2009 in 2009 we have to talk about 2011 by then.

that and because we already have talked about now, you are able to state that the new intel proc will feature 12mb cache and the fast fsb.

oh, and computers can get smarter with age :) you just have to program them to.

By Brockway on 7/27/2007 7:59:47 PM , Rating: 2
So Amd is going for combining a gpu and cpu on the same die? At first, this seemed kind of a weird idea, just another thing to add to the cost like integrated graphics. But then I thought, are they talking unified shader type gpu? A cpu with a gpgpu on board? Even if you added a discrete video card later, the on-die gpu could still be useful for physics, folding type programs, all kinds of crap that benefits from parallel processing. That seems like a dang exciting concept.

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