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AMD demo system with a Phenom running at 3.0 GHz  (Source: AMD, AnandTech)

A shot of the Windows Vista system properties screen, with Phenom running at 3.0 GHz  (Source: AMD, AnandTech)
AMD dismisses claims that it's quad-core architecture can't ramp clock frequency

To kick off AMD's Analyst Day at the company's Sunnyvale, California headquarters, AMD demonstrated a system running on a quad-core desktop 3.0 GHz processor.  The processor, codenamed Agena, will be the flagship AMD high-end offering.

The system used standard cooling, though company officials would not disclose how much power the system consumed. In addition to the unannounced processor, the system also included a three-way CrossFire configuration.  Two ATI Radeon HD 2900 graphics adaptors provided video acceleration for the system; the third, we were told, provided physics support for the demonstration.

AMD made two systems running the Agena processors available for media to play select games.  The company would not let anyone view the system properties details, but sent the two featured images to press beforehand.

AMD's quad-core Opteron launch, slated for later this summer, is expected to debut at 2.0 GHz.  Company roadmaps ramped this clock frequency launch down several times -- the company's original roadmap launch plans indicated we would see a 2.6 GHz processor at launch.

An AMD engineer, speaking on terms of anonymity, claimed to DailyTech that the company took on several unplanned respins for the K10-family.  "We ramped the spin aggressively.  It's going to bring the clock frequencies we need for the desktop," he said.

The company would not comment on when the 3.0 GHz Phenom-based processor would debut, though the company has previously indicated Phenom will ship for volume by the 2007 holiday season.

Update 7/31/2007: According toThe Inquirer, Charlie Demerjian was allowed to confirm the system core frequency was 3.0 GHz from the system BIOS. 

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By Treckin on 7/27/2007 12:15:26 AM , Rating: 3
They had the same case when demoing the 4x4, and another identical case when they first demoed the fast and dirty barcelona a few months ago.

My guess is that AMD is hoping to keep Intel on their toes with this one. The fact that the thing runs at all at 3 ghz is encouraging.
Most likely IMO the Phenom will be quite fast, launching at speed approaching 3 ghz. Its a common misconception that Barcelona is the same as the core in Phenom. Look at the MHZ variance between Xeon and C2D and QX series, its like a 500 mhz difference.

Id say people are sooooo anxious to get information about anything from AMD that would challenge the boys in blue that they are deducing performance ballparks from such inane sources as some PR stunt flashy neon rig.

People would be whining just as much if not more if they had the thing in a recycled EMachines tower on a 600 watt PSU with ISA video and passive cooling.

Just realize that sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

My strongest instinct is that the new architecture performs far better than most assume, and this was an attempt on AMD's part to quell some of the fear and negative hype.

The reason for the DATA compartmentalization and suppression is to restrict the possibility of an adverse reaction by Intel before they can get the thing onto the street. They need this launch to be a hit, as im sure their top guns realize. They want to make sure that intel doesn't initiate a rapid price cut because they were stupid and said that the thing is a great performer at low cost.

Just wait and see. IMHO it will be one bad-ass proc.

RE: Jesus
By Phynaz on 7/27/2007 12:57:28 AM , Rating: 2
You post implies that AMD is sandbagging. In their Q2 conference call AMD basically said they will not have the performace crown this year.

RE: Jesus
By LiptonGreenTea on 7/27/07, Rating: -1
"I mean, if you wanna break down someone's door, why don't you start with AT&T, for God sakes? They make your amazing phone unusable as a phone!" -- Jon Stewart on Apple and the iPhone
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