AMD performance desktop platforms  (Source: AMD)

AMD mainstream platforms  (Source: AMD)
New standard desktop platforms in 2008 and Fusion platforms for 2009 with a slight mention of next-generation Radeon

AMD today previewed its next two generation of desktop platforms for performance and mainstream platforms. The new platforms outline details of new AMD chipsets, processors and graphics cores.

AMD’s next new performance platform will be Spider. Spider is the first platform for AMD Phenom X4 and X2 processors, slated for later this year.  AMD pairs the Phenom X4 and X2 processors with the upcoming RD7xx series chipsets for Spider. Spider also features PCIe 2.0, and HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3.

Following Spider is Leo. Leo is AMD’s 2008 platform refresh, again designed to accommodate Phenom X4 and X2 processors. Leo will accommodate the upcoming 45nm refresh of the Phenom X4 and X2. The refreshed Phenom processors will feature 6MB of L3 cache on top of the standard die shrink. Leo will still use the RD7xx series chipsets, but with support for up to four GPUs in CrossFire. AMD plans to initially debut quad-CrossFire with its FASN8 4x4 platform.

AMD’s Leo platform preview also mentions light details of its next-generation GPU. The next-generation R7xx series GPU will be DirectX 10+ compliant. AMD plans to manufacturer R7xx on a 55nm fabrication process as well.

Moving into 2009 is the introduction of Python, a Fusion based platform. Python features a native quad-core Fusion processor in an AM3 package. The Fusion processor will feature a DirectX 10 or 11 compliant graphics core with a second-generation Universal Video Decoder, or UVD. AMD plans to manufacturer this variant of Fusion on a 32nm fabrication process. The Fusion-based processor will also pair an RD8xx series chipset and support DDR3 memory.

AMD’s next-generation Cartwheel mainstream platform is set to replace the current Pinwheel platform. Pinwheel consists of an Athlon X2 processor with the AMD 690 chipset.  Cartwheel will accommodate upcoming 45nm Athlon X2 processors with a new chipset. The new RS700 series chipset will deliver PCIe 2.0 and HT3.0 support. A new integrated graphics core delivers DirectX 10 compliant graphics with UVD and Avivo HD video processing technologies.

AMD plans to position Fusion for mainstream platforms as well. AMD’s Copperhead platform features a native quad-core Fusion processor similar to the Fusion in Python. AMD is light on Copperhead’s chipset details, but mentions the platform will have a Fusion south bridge. The platform will also support DDR3 memory.

Expect AMD to debut Leo and Cartwheel next year with its 45nm die-shrinks and the Fusion-based Python and Copperhead platforms in 2009.

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