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Nintendominates video game hardware sales for June

The sales numbers released by research firm NPD Group for June continue to highlight Nintendo’s current strength in the market. Both the Nintendo DS and Wii lead all of its competitors in terms of software and hardware sales.

The Nintendo DS collected even more sales than during May, moving an amazing 561,900 units. The Wii followed closely behind with 381,800, also slightly up from the previous month.

Nintendo’s near-obsolete Game Boy Advance sold a surprising 109,400 consoles, despite there being no new software released for the handheld.

Sony took sat next in the ladder, with the PSP selling 290,100 and the undying PlayStation 2 at 270,700 units. The PlayStation 3, which was once again the lowest-selling, current-market console, only managed to sell 98,500 units.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 198,400 units, also up from May’s figures.

Overall, video game hardware sales were up 34 percent for the month as compared to the same period last year – accumulating $398.6 million.

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The console... that didn't.
By acer905 on 7/25/2007 12:55:42 PM , Rating: 2
Okay, so lately with the console wars, people are throwing out this that and the other thing that has to do with the Wii, the PS3, and the 360. And its obvious why, they are the systems competing. And each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, anyone know of the expression "history repeats itself"

Look back, to the beginning of the 6th generation of consoles. What started it? the PS2? The Xbox? nope. It was the Dreamcast. Go back another generation, the Saturn lead the way. Its what Sega did, they were the pushers of the generations. They had the best graphics, the most power. But... it didn't help the high price tags, and lukewarm marketing. When the Saturn first came out, it was with a surprise launch months before they had planned on. They did it to get more sales before the playstation was launced. This caused shock, and despite its $400 price tag, it sold fairly well. Selling about 10 million units in its life. But compare that to the cheper, slightly less advanced playstation, which sold over 100 million. Then look at the Dreamcast,which launced 2 years before the PS2. It was highly advanced, but expensive. And that caused Sega to lose money on the systems. If you look at the current generation, the first without a Sega system, it almost looks like the PS3 is taking the spot as the tech leader, but ultimate... well, lets just hope that the execs at Sony have noticed this trend and do somethin to change it. And if Sony passes the 10 million mark, the number that both sega's final systems died at, we'll know for sure

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