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Nintendominates video game hardware sales for June

The sales numbers released by research firm NPD Group for June continue to highlight Nintendo’s current strength in the market. Both the Nintendo DS and Wii lead all of its competitors in terms of software and hardware sales.

The Nintendo DS collected even more sales than during May, moving an amazing 561,900 units. The Wii followed closely behind with 381,800, also slightly up from the previous month.

Nintendo’s near-obsolete Game Boy Advance sold a surprising 109,400 consoles, despite there being no new software released for the handheld.

Sony took sat next in the ladder, with the PSP selling 290,100 and the undying PlayStation 2 at 270,700 units. The PlayStation 3, which was once again the lowest-selling, current-market console, only managed to sell 98,500 units.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 198,400 units, also up from May’s figures.

Overall, video game hardware sales were up 34 percent for the month as compared to the same period last year – accumulating $398.6 million.

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RE: Helloooo
By Exodus220 on 7/24/2007 11:18:09 AM , Rating: 5
Come on, you don't honestly think that the X360 would die before Halo 3 comes out. Heck, I think some people are just waiting for Halo 3 to come out before the invest in a new system...I know I would. It also allows them some time to see if there have been any improvement to system reliability. I can't even imagine MS suddenly dying in the next 60 days...seems ludicrous.

RE: Helloooo
By bkm32 on 7/24/2007 1:23:43 PM , Rating: 1
It took less for PS3 enthusiasm to die even with great games on the way. This scenario is plausible expecially given the rate at which Wiis are selling--increases for every month after the Holiday shopping season and selling out 9 months after launch.

If the X360 were to lose major momentum (which it is), who would really notice? The DT story (among others) revealing the 60% drop-off is no surprise, but it gets notice on the heels of the 1.06B loss due to the X360 hardware defect. However, truth be told, the X360 has been well below last year's numbers all year. Has this been recorded? No. And now the X360 is getting the stigma of "too expensive for a 6 month console".

MS's E3 press conference didn't help and proved that MS is just trying to put out fires and doesn't have anything new or innovative for 2008 and beyond. There were few (if any)games shown for 2008. What was the point in that? Where's the light gun? Are the games coming out in 2007 supposed to sustain me indefinitly? Also, there is infighting between X360 development houses, and Forza 2 received very little fanfare or marketing support from MS.

Not onlys does MS have to prove that it has the best game console, the best games for its console, the best all-in-one-media machine, but now throw in the reliability issue.

Reliability is a sticky issue because it has never been an issue until now. Reliability is the electronic equivelant to trust in a romantic relationship (many of you may not relate, so I apologize in advance), if you have it you have it and, it's very difficult to lose. However, when it's gone, it's gone, and it's very difficult to get back. You've got to go through some things before earning that trust back. MS finds itself in this situation. It's reputation for buggy software now lends itself to buggy hardware.

Moore got out while he is still marketable; however, I expect EA's quality assurance to take hit within the next 6 months. It happened at Sega shortly after the DC launched (what a debacle). The first batches of DCs were wrought with problems.

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