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For those of you that like playing with fire, Zone Labs has just the ticket

For those of you running Windows XP Professional x64, Zone Labs has a new product for you to test out. The company has announced the availabilty of a preview version of their free ZoneAlarm personal firewall software for Microsoft's 64-bit operating system.

This is an early beta and comes with a lot of warnings from Zone Labs so BE CAREFUL:

This is for advanced technical testers only, and it will only install if you are running a 64-bit computing system with a full and current version of Windows XP Pro 64.

As this is an early preview version of the program, it may cause instability of your system or other technical issues. Prior to installing this ZoneAlarm preview, back-up all of your files and make sure you have copies of all other programs currently installed on your 64-bit PC in case you need to restore your system.

We do NOT suggest using Beta software unless you are familiar with editing the registry, manually removing the product, and so on. Remember that there is NO technical support for the Beta versions.

Download ZoneAlarm 6.5.588.000 (beta version, for XP x64 ONLY)

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RE: alright :)
By bob661 on 2/16/2006 2:41:16 PM , Rating: 2
I don't get spam emails either but running on a high speed connection without a firewall? I guess you're one of those people that thinks they have no viruses or spyware on their machines. And, if you did get a virus or spyware infection, you would just "know" it's there and how to remove it thoroughly.

RE: alright :)
By Zoomer on 2/16/2006 9:55:13 PM , Rating: 2
These firewalls aren't robust enough and are crash prone.

Besides, I've seen no issues with running without any firewall or active av for years now. I run KAV once in a while to make sure. :)

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