CFA announces plans for CompactFlash SATA development

The CompactFlash Association (CFA) announced on Thursday the development for specifications for a CompactFlash card with a SATA (Serial ATA) interface.  The development will allow CompactFlash to increase speeds on data rates from the current 133MB/second.  It will also ensure compatibility with SATA disk drive interfaces.

According to CFA board member and Canon's, Mr. Shigeto Kanda, “The development of a CompactFlash card with a SATA interface will maintain the dominance of CompactFlash in the non-consumer (embedded systems, single board computers, data recorder, etc.) markets as well as promote its use in other applications. Having the SATA interface will be a significant step for CompactFlash.”

Currently, CF cards have PATA (parallel ATA) interfaces which provide up to 133MB/second data rates and are available up to 32GB with sustained data rates of 40 MB/second.  With the switch to SATA interface, the cards will provide much higher data rates.

CFA members interested in the SATA interface can apply for inclusion in CFA's SATA working group, which can allow them to participate in the group and access documentation as the specification of the CompactSATA is developed.

Dates on production and market release have not yet been announced.

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