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AMD's Giuseppe Amato dispels rumors and misinterpreted statements of "Fusion," GPGPU and the company

In an interview with Italian media, AMD Executive Giuseppe Amato, Technical Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA, discussed AMD's current market position and future products.

In the interview, Amato shed more light on the structure of AMD's upcoming Fusion processors. A misconception that Amato noted is that Fusion processors will not only be available in single-chip flavors, but also multi-chip formats. Two Fusion processors linked together would allow for parallel GPUs. He said that AMD has still not solidified the future plans of Fusion yet, but indicated it would be very likely to see a Fusion processor with a GPU and CPU connected through a CrossFire-like interface -- and have a total TDP of less than 120 Watts.

Amato also praised the flexibility of the Fusion processor in the interview and told Hardware Upgrade that it will allow AMD to "integrate a specific number of GPU and CPU cores depending on the customer and the uses for which they will use the chip." 

"AMD isn't just a microprocessor company anymore", he stated. After the acquisition of ATI, "AMD changed from a processor company to a platform company." This is where Fusion ties in. Its high grade of flexibility will combine GPUs and CPUs into one product. Amato believes that Fusion platforms will be able to specifically match the needs of its customers.

AMD's Fusion processors will also be closely tied to GPGPU. Using a GPGPU platform based on Fusion, AMD will be able to offer HPC systems that can do all kinds of work. Code that is more suited for CPUs will be executed on the CPU part of the Fusion processor, while code more efficiently run on a GPGPU will be run on the GPU portion of the processor. To sum it up, AMD's Fusion processors will be able to do a variety of work, allowing them to better meet the needs of AMD's customers.

Amato also dispelled rumors that AMD will be going completely fabless. He blames the source of the rumor as a misinterpretation of a speech Hector Ruiz gave. However, AMD plans to stick to a fab-less manufacturing model for GPU and chipset products.

The full interview can be viewed at Hardware Upgrade.

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Platform company
By Jellodyne on 7/17/2007 10:42:45 AM , Rating: 2
You want to be a platform company? You need to push for standards, otherwise you're just a company with weird platforms. For instance, AMD needs to get on the horn with their longtime partner nVidia and agree to one standard platform for multiple PCIe GPU slot systems. The whole SLI/Crossfire standard split is bad business for everyone, and AMD is in a position to fix it because they've always worked with nVidia. It's two gpus in PCIe slots, how difficult can it be to make the platform gpu brand agnostic? Both sides would benefit from a common platform.

RE: Platform company
By SexyK on 7/17/2007 1:23:35 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure I see how "both sides benefit from a common platform." Hypothetically, if nVidia has 10,000 SLi users and AMD has 1,000 crossfire users, how does it benefit nVidia to open up their dominant standard and allow the use of their competitors' cards? Also, a unified standard would mean that all changes to the platform would have to be developed, what, together? So if nVidia wants to allow 4-card SLi they have to work with AMD to expand the standard rather than just developing and implementing their own system? Seems inefficient and counter productive to me. Just give me the best each company has to offer and whichever one is stronger will win out in the marketplace.

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