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AMD's Giuseppe Amato dispels rumors and misinterpreted statements of "Fusion," GPGPU and the company

In an interview with Italian media, AMD Executive Giuseppe Amato, Technical Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA, discussed AMD's current market position and future products.

In the interview, Amato shed more light on the structure of AMD's upcoming Fusion processors. A misconception that Amato noted is that Fusion processors will not only be available in single-chip flavors, but also multi-chip formats. Two Fusion processors linked together would allow for parallel GPUs. He said that AMD has still not solidified the future plans of Fusion yet, but indicated it would be very likely to see a Fusion processor with a GPU and CPU connected through a CrossFire-like interface -- and have a total TDP of less than 120 Watts.

Amato also praised the flexibility of the Fusion processor in the interview and told Hardware Upgrade that it will allow AMD to "integrate a specific number of GPU and CPU cores depending on the customer and the uses for which they will use the chip." 

"AMD isn't just a microprocessor company anymore", he stated. After the acquisition of ATI, "AMD changed from a processor company to a platform company." This is where Fusion ties in. Its high grade of flexibility will combine GPUs and CPUs into one product. Amato believes that Fusion platforms will be able to specifically match the needs of its customers.

AMD's Fusion processors will also be closely tied to GPGPU. Using a GPGPU platform based on Fusion, AMD will be able to offer HPC systems that can do all kinds of work. Code that is more suited for CPUs will be executed on the CPU part of the Fusion processor, while code more efficiently run on a GPGPU will be run on the GPU portion of the processor. To sum it up, AMD's Fusion processors will be able to do a variety of work, allowing them to better meet the needs of AMD's customers.

Amato also dispelled rumors that AMD will be going completely fabless. He blames the source of the rumor as a misinterpretation of a speech Hector Ruiz gave. However, AMD plans to stick to a fab-less manufacturing model for GPU and chipset products.

The full interview can be viewed at Hardware Upgrade.

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Yeah, and the Future of XBOX most likely...
By RupanIII on 7/16/2007 6:03:32 PM , Rating: 1
Well, sofar, the guy over at another site won't post this, so, i'm posting here.
How about a Fusion XBOX Successor.
Microsoft owns the IP for the TriCore processor in XBOX360.
It uses an ATi video chip.
Nvidia seems pretty happy with Sony.
Uhm.... going to the upcoming Intel tech doesn't seem logical for MS.
So, Fusion an AMD Dual Core Phenom with a modified TriCore onboard the Fusion processor, and Hypertransport it to the new ATi video/sound hardware. Oh... now this machine can execute X86 code again... it's better at running XBOX Games than the 360is.. since the DX Metal variant can execute the old code with a compatability layer and native cpu processing. The 360 games process fine as the 360 cpu is onboard the Fusion.
Remember, Fusion is AMD's way of meeting Specific Customer design goals. IBM will manufacture ofcourse, very likely, as they have for AMD and Microsoft before and now.
Intel will NEVER help Microsoft run Non Intel component code. Drop in 2gig of ram and this works real good.
Oh, it should also run Games for Windows and be a MCE and have a version of Windows Home Server onboard.
Maybe i'm nuts, but, since Desktops are a dying breed and earn very little profit and Microsoft wants to sell it's own machines anyway, It SHOULD be on the drawing board.
With a 1080p TV this is a killer Living Room Digital Media Hub, Internet Browser and Game System... everything the Desktop has strided to but failed to be.

And sony,... well, they aren't in this position, lord know what they use after Cell. Nintendo, they are good. If they partnered with Apple and had a Mac Mini game system with WiiMote and HD Graphics, that's good too. But, again, the only Likely thing is what i posted above.


By kenji4life on 7/16/2007 6:49:48 PM , Rating: 3
If ms actually built a "media center" style xbox with more computer features, I think it would be a huge success. My biggest pet peeve with the 360 is lack of mouse support and limited keyboard support.

By jachristie79 on 7/16/2007 6:51:34 PM , Rating: 2
That just really hurt my head to read.....:(

RE: Yeah, and the Future of XBOX most likely...
By Treckin on 7/16/2007 7:38:21 PM , Rating: 1
dude, didnt n e 1 explain paragraphs to you in middle school?
so you know, Im sure the execs at Dell agree that there is absolutely NO money in desktops.... or that almost 65% of homes in the US have 1... thats more than have waffle irons!

Seriously, Msoft could do the media center xbox. But why the fuck would it have server 03 on it? Are you trying to make me laugh? Do you think that MS FORGOT about drm? I suppose we should allow people to distribute over broadband all of there music and movies... (playing devils advocate here, I think we should). Point being, MS would never go for that, especially after sinking millions into the development of Media Center

The funniest part of this is that it would blow apple tv out of the water.... aTV doesnt play HALO ROFL

By RupanIII on 7/16/2007 7:53:28 PM , Rating: 1
Hmm, yeah, it should be Media Center. Home Server is different. Again, too much stuff running through my head these days, and the root canal i'm getting tomorrow can't come soon enough.

By RupanIII on 7/16/2007 8:06:49 PM , Rating: 1
The sales trend is towards Notebooks.
Mostly older people and Gamers are buying desktops.
Plenty of those old people are buying notebooks as well.
The entire trend of the PC becoming a non shared device for the individual has grown obvious. A desktop is just the cheaper way to get a computer.
I ONLY build my own desktops, and ofcourse buy notebooks because building's not worth the trouble.
I prefer to share the desktop with the family, but, everyone wants their own notebook, my neighbors are the same way as are people i sell to in stores. I have people come in and buy 3 cheap notebooks so all the kids have their own. I have couples buying notebooks so they can do their own things WHILE they talk to each other in the same room, and so they can move around the house. All of the feedback I have from the public, and i get around as a Manufacturer's rep,is that people want Notebooks. And I sell BOTH.
Desktop sales are primarily going to be a business expense in the future. There should always be desktops, but, if Microsoft takes a shot at the Living Room Hub media center idea with the next xbox, as i described, tons of people are going to buy it just for movies and internet on an HDTV if it's cheap enough and simpler than a pc.
I know a few people, like my mom, who has a blast with the Wii Internet Channel. Wireless remote + TV is a good experience. I know someone with a Gyration mouse that feels the same way.
Just typing what I see, after all, it's a forum.

By RupanIII on 7/17/2007 11:57:08 AM , Rating: 2
OH, I knew i had an answer brewing. I couldn't get it out yesterday because I was working on a paper proposal for work. Notebook computers are getting more popular. They are also hardly upgradable, and don't last as long due to heat, motherboard power connectors, and being dropped and toted around. Yeah, DELL will happily sell you one before a desktop. Why? Because it's more likely ONLY YOU will use it, so they can sell your family member's one too. And, since you are moving it around all the time, eating food on it and nearby, adn maybe want to play games on it, you will upgrade it. Yep, you will.
Me, i'm a desktop man myself, but, I SEE THIS. I try to convince people to get a powerful desktop all of the time. I even teach people to use workgroups and do live demos with it. THAT does impress them a bit. They have no idea you can do that. But, most people, don't care. They want their own computer and want to keep their information that private.

RE: Yeah, and the Future of XBOX most likely...
By mmarq on 7/18/2007 3:20:07 AM , Rating: 2
So, Fusion an AMD Dual Core Phenom with a modified TriCore onboard the Fusion processor, and Hypertransport it to the new ATi video/sound hardware. Oh...


Xbox is a IBM Power architecture and Phenom a x86. You cant have the *same* OS, MS or Linux running 2 micro-architectures. You'd have to use a VM like vmWare for separated OSes, but them say goodbye to Fusion on the VM OS.

RE: Yeah, and the Future of XBOX most likely...
By rupaniii on 7/20/2007 11:00:23 AM , Rating: 2
Uhm... PS2 EE/GS chips onboard the motherboard for a PS3....
PS1 chips onboard the PS2 chips... Your going from MIPS to PPC architectures there! The new OS just sends to code for execution forward to the new processors.
Just because it's on Die doesn't change anything.
You're way off there.

By mmarq on 7/20/2007 3:34:48 PM , Rating: 2
That must be (never looked into it) for compatibility issues with the older models. The OS, so to speak is only one, but has some kind of VM resource partition, with virtualization or other stuff.

The idea is one OS commands all the hardware and all the other OSes or layers in VM mode, and the partition accesses, because otherwise you would go anywhere fast if 2 different 'OSes' or 'layers' try to lock, even if temporally, the same resource for itself at the same time...

... and be exactly like dual-booting if 2 different 'OSes' or 'layers' are completely isolated from one another, even if there is a MIPS chip and a PPC chip.

As long as there is Hardware sharing of some sort, one 'OS' must arbitrate. And not having any hardware sharing, than it can only be possible with 2 different machines... like a PS3 and a PS1 in a network...

Ok... its not IMPOSSIBLE...

... if you have resource partition with a VM layer inside of the arbitrating OS.

"So, I think the same thing of the music industry. They can't say that they're losing money, you know what I'm saying. They just probably don't have the same surplus that they had." -- Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA

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