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About 400,000 Bravia TVs are affected by the recall
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If you bought a Sony Bravia LCD or rear-projection screen TV within the past year, you may have a little bit of a problem on your hands. Roughly 400,000 of the TVs which were sold in North America, South America and Asia cannot be turned off or come of out standby mode once they pass 1,200 hours of use.

According to a Sony, users of affected Bravia models can go to its website where they will find instructions on how to have materials sent to them to update their TVs. Owners of Grand Wega models must use that same website to schedule a Sony authorized technician to come to their home to perform the update (all on Sony's dime of course).

Sony is providing the software update at no charge to owners of affected televisions through March 1, 2008. Terms of Sony's limited warranty otherwise continue to apply. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and will continue to provide superior customer service for Sony televisions.

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kit shickers
By konekobot on 2/15/2006 10:13:58 AM , Rating: 2
does anyone really think sony will go under? even with 400 gazillion broken tv's, i still think sony would come out spotless.

plus, they've offered a solution to the problem. when was the last time anyone here had a broken product and the mfc had a technician come out to fix it? most recalls involve YOU taking the product somewhere and then coming back when it's finally fixed. OR... YOU have to box it up, ship it out and then wait for a replacement or whatever.

i don't own many sony things. i think i own an alarm clock, and that's about it. there's a price premium for most of their stuff. they compete well in the upper midrange of consumer products. they don't really have a HIGH end range of anything (qualia isn't really all that impressive at it's pricepoint). ppl bash them, but they're still in business.

the ps3 won't bomb. if anyone here wants to bet that sony will lose money on the ps3 over a 3 year period, then i'll take them up on it. they sold the ps2 at a loss initially, but you can't tell me that was a failed venture. i am however confused by the xbox 360 praise. it's a machine that thrives off tons of FPS style games. if i want hi-def and FPS games, then i'll use my computer. The games are cheaper that way, i don't have to buy and HDTV with a premium price (it's a generally 'new' technology right now), the graphics are better, the framerate better, i get use a mouse and keyboard... FPS games were developed for a PC setup.

lastly, someone mentioned that the government stepped in to combat highly priced foreign electronics. i'm against that. consumers in this country suck. in capitalism you vote with your dollar. if the mfc of a product is charging a price that is too high, then don't buy it. simple as that. No one seems to flinch at a $550.00 graphics card or $780.00 cpu anymore. what the hell is wrong with everyone!?!?! The only reason those products come out at such high pricepoints is that consumers have validated the prices.

I'm poor so $150.00 is a good chunk of change for me. maybe everyone here has something figured out and i'm not in on it. is everyone on this forum rich or something? does everyone here still live with their parents after college? (actually, that's sounds like a good idea to me right about now)

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