Logitech MX Air (Source: Logitech)
New MX Air works with hand gestures and laser tracking

Logitech today announced its latest MX Air mouse for desk and couch uses. The new rechargeable MX Air sports 2.4 GHz wireless technology with 30 feet of operating range. When placed on a desk, the MX Air uses laser tracking technology to precisely track movements. It functions no differently than other mice on solid surfaces.

When laid back on a couch, the MX Air uses free space motion sensing, allowing users to control systems with hand gestures. The hand motions are translated into various controls including cursor, volume and playback with simple waves and flips of the wrist. Logitech claims the MX Air can also distinguish between intentional and unintentional hand movements.

“The MX Air mouse offers a radically new way for people to control their PC entertainment,” said Rory Dooley, Logitech senior vice president and general manager of the Control Devices business unit. “It’s for any of the millions of people using the Internet to browse and watch videos on sites such as YouTube or Grouper. And it’s for people with a living-room computer or media PC who want to navigate their media content on their terms.”

Logitech does away with scroll wheels on the MX Air. Instead of a traditional scroll wheel, the MX Air features a touch-sensitive scroll panel. The panel features inertial scrolling with a finger swipe of the surface. The inertial scrolling mechanism can detect the speed of the finger swipe – an evolved version of the MX Revolution free-spinning scroll wheel.

Expect the MX Air to arrive in retail next month with list pricing at $149.

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