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Nintendo had a number of new products and services to announce during E3 2007

As the Nintendo Wii and DS continue to steadily outsell competing consoles from Sony and Microsoft, gamers anxiously awaited the Nintendo E3 press conference, where a number of announcements were expected.

Nintendo started the conference off with Reggie Fils-Aime giving a brief introduction on the current status of the video game industry in Japan and the United States.  Even though the numbers have changed, the President of Nintendo America enthusiastically presented data that media and analysts expected.  For example, in the United States -- the biggest and most competitive game market -- the industry was up nearly 50% over the same time frame in 2006, Fils-Aime said.  

The Wii Zapper, a gun shell designed to be used with the Wii, was brought onto the stage.  The Zapper will be packaged alongside some new video games and will have a retail price of $19.99.  Games such as Medal of Honor and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles will make use of the Zapper.  Nintendo is currently creating what can be considered a top-secret title which will feature the Zapper, with no details disclosed during this morning's conference.

Understanding that wireless gameplay is something that gamers utilize, Fils-Aime spoke about Nintendo online for a few minutes during the conference.  A short video montage highlighted that more than 5 million people are using the wireless online capability of their DS handheld console.

Fils-Aime also spoke about a number of new video games Wii owners can look forward to in the future.  Brain Age 2 was featured during the press conference and users can expect it to be available in North America on August 20.  Super Mario Galaxy will be available "November 12, this year," said Fils-Aime.  EA's MySims will be available for the DS and Wii, though release information wasn't announced.  Wii gamers can also look forward to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption along with the rest of the titles announced.

"I can announce today that Smash Bros. Brawl will launch in the Americas on December 3," he said.

The WiiWare game development technology will officially begin service next year, according to Nintendo.  The Nintendo press release promotes WiiWare as a service which "provides game creators a simple method by which they can get their games to the public."  

Nintendo remains dedicated to the development of video games that cater to both casual gamers and more experienced video game players.

Shigeru Miyamoto presented Wii Fit, a new game designed to be entertaining and beneficial for game players.  Players balance, hop, kick, and perform other exercise on top of a unique floor mat called the Wii balance board.  Over time, the game will monitor a player's Mii, also keeping track of a player's body mass index (BMI).  Wii Fit will feature more than 40 different activities for players.

Nintendo is happy, but won't be happy until the company is able to "steal more of that (leisure) time," Fils-Aime warned at the end of the show.

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Nintendo's new offerings look promising
By SirLucius on 7/11/2007 4:18:54 PM , Rating: 2
As the Nintendo Wii and DS continue to steadily outsell competing consoles from Sony and Nintendo ,

Should read Microsoft.

That aside, I'm really looking forward to the new Super Smash Brothers game. And with a December 3rd release date, it's just in time for the holiday season.

The Wii Fit is an interesting idea, and I bet it will become very popular among parents. Just think, they can get their kids to lose weight by sticking them in front of a TV and saying "Play this."

By darkpaw on 7/11/2007 4:23:28 PM , Rating: 2
Yah, December 3rd just got circled on my calendar. Smash Bros is definately my favorite Nintendo series.

RE: Nintendo's new offerings look promising
By kenji4life on 7/11/2007 4:47:28 PM , Rating: 5
Let's not forget about the parents. Just yesterday I was driving through a small street and I see a chubby little kid hurried across the street to get out of the car's way. His twice as fat parents didn't make the same effort. They woddled across the street in what seemed to be as much time as they could take. I applaud them for walking all the way from their car to the grocery store instead of using the handicapped buggy (like many fat people do). But honestly, we should deny health care to people like this instead of deserving people who happen to have diabetes (and take very good care of their health)

RE: Nintendo's new offerings look promising
By ninjit on 7/11/2007 5:33:57 PM , Rating: 4
Maybe health insurance premiums should be tied to annual physical exams and prior habits.

E.g. people who are overweight due to bad personal choices (vs. genetic disorders say) will pay more - alcholics and drug-abusers will pay more, etc.
I think they already charge people who have dangerous sporting hobbies (e.g. parachuting) more for health insurance, so why don't they charge others at "risk" more too.

Like car insurance: speeding tickets, DUIs, etc cause auto premiums to go up.
If you don't drive safe you pay more.
If you don't live safe you should pay more too.

RE: Nintendo's new offerings look promising
By AsicsNow on 7/12/2007 10:32:13 AM , Rating: 1
You are treading a fine line though if you do this. The next thing you know you will be having insurance companies who charge you according to your genetic predisposition for diabetes, heart conditions, various types of cancer, etc.

The potential for this happening very soon is pretty high. I work in a genomics lab, and while thier goals are to determine the factors that cause the onset of the disease to help with understanding the etiology of the diseases and help with new modes of treatment, the same data in the insurance companies hands could be used to charge people on the slight increased chance that they might get the disease in the future.

So basically, count your lucky stars and never wish for anything that allows the insurance companies to charge more money for premiums :P Even if doesn't affect you immediately, it probably will soon enough.

RE: Nintendo's new offerings look promising
By Netscorer on 7/12/2007 12:23:16 PM , Rating: 4
That's why we need a universal healsth care for god sake. Enough with this 'for-profit' health system that has completely failed.

RE: Nintendo's new offerings look promising
By 05SilverGT on 7/12/07, Rating: 0
By InsaneGain on 7/12/2007 4:39:01 PM , Rating: 4
"Americans get the poorest health care and yet pay the most compared to five other rich countries" according to the Commonwealth Fund report.

I'm Canadian. My sister was vacationing in Arizona and she got an infection. The bill from the hospital was outrageous. They actually charged her for the hour she waited in a room to see a doctor. The doctor just listened to the symptoms and wrote a prescription.
I'm going to guess that only for things like leading edge cancer treatments, certain clinics in the U.S. offer the latest treatments for extremely high prices, but other industrialized countries offer a better experience for the majority of cases.

By Netscorer on 7/12/2007 9:59:42 PM , Rating: 4
'People flock to United States for healthcare' - tell me you are kidding. People just as well flock out of United States for cheaper prices and better procedures. And why would not they? If US is right behind Costa Rica in level of healthcare provided. Yes, there are good clinics here. But there are as well just as many very good private clinics in Europe, yet every european enjoys full free healthcare, paying less then we do with our or so great insurances. My friend recently got fired from previous work and new employer's insurance plan (Aetna) refused him coverage for type I Diabetes that he had (preexisting conditions are not covered they said). He has to pay now of of his pocket for all the expenses.
I guess you are the fortunate one that you don't have sick friends or relatives or you would not write what you did.

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