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AMD RD790 naked shot (Source: HKEPC)
RD790 to gain triple and quad CrossFire capabilities

AMD is preparing to update its aging 580X chipset later this year with the upcoming RD790. The upcoming RD790 serves double duty as the single and dual processor platform of choice for AMD desktop products. RD790 introduces 41 PCIe 2.0 lanes to AMD’s Socket AM2+ platform for Stars-family processors.

Motherboard manufacturers can distribute the PCIe lanes in many configurations, including four PCIe 2.0 x16 slots with eight-lane signaling. With all 41 PCIe 2.0 lanes, the RD790 chipset has a TDP up to 10-watts. AMD roadmaps reveal the multiple PCIe 2.0 slots are used for an improved CrossFire multi-GPU technology. The improved CrossFire multi-GPU technology supports up to four ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics cards in Quad CrossFire configurations.

Unlike NVIDIA’s SLI, which supports dual or quad graphics cards in SLI, the improved CrossFire solution can take on three cards for improved performance. AMD claims CrossFire scaling with three cards yields a 2.6x performance increase. Two cards in CrossFire yield a 1.8x performance improvement. AMD roadmaps do not divulge how well CrossFire scales with four GPUs.

Expect RD790 to arrive later this year in time for the AMD Phenom product launch in single and dual processor configurations.

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Quad Crossfire
By xrider on 7/10/2007 5:38:44 PM , Rating: 2
It's funny how all the amd\ati fan boyz are all saying this is great. These are the same people who talk about value for there money and being so enery conservative, but yet they"ll go out and buy this setup. 3 2900 graphic cards, they''ll need 3 Mile Island to power there PC.

RE: Quad Crossfire
By Kim Leo on 7/11/2007 6:17:48 AM , Rating: 1
what a load of BS!.. first of all, how can you come up with this stupid claim that AMD/ATI fans are the ones talking about power efficiency?, that is an argument you can use if the product you support actually has a great power efficiency.. when it comes to graphics i really don't choose a side, i usually end up with nVidia, but have had ATI and i think of them both as great.. And you can't say it's all bad maybe ATI didn't make the gaming card this time, but they didn't pull a "FX5800" either, these cards have a huge amount of GFLOPS, and they are not entirely crappy at gaming neither, they still keep up, and have a nice price.. so please stop pulling numbers or facts out your asses..

all in all, i think it's ok to support a company, i support AMD when i can, but i have my limitations, if K10 is like the prescott, i won't support that product, and don't think anyone should..
I have an 7600GT and game at 1024x768, i have a 17" screen, and a 18" i use the 17" for gaming, plus it's a 25ms :o, but i'm still pwning in fear combat ;)

RE: Quad Crossfire
By xrider on 7/11/2007 5:02:48 PM , Rating: 2
Sounds to me like your talking out of you a## (if K10 is like the prescott, i won't support that product) you are double talking you don't support a product but yet you'll by amd just because it has its name on tge processor even if its not better. I also have owned a ATI card but right now thet do not have a better product. Are you getting paid to endorce there product? Once again are they giving away free decoder rings that I don"t know about.

RE: Quad Crossfire
By xrider on 7/11/2007 10:03:25 PM , Rating: 2
The Bottom Line

Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire is most certainly not a good gaming solution. It just does not deliver the kind of performance advantages ATI needs to compete with what NVIDIA already has in the marketplace. Sapphire has created a very complete retail package that would suit any ATI fan well and Sapphire should not be looked down on for the substandard gaming experience that ATI has delivered this generation. I would say stay away from the Radeon HD 2900 XT in CrossFire at this time; it just does not represent a good gaming value.

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