Wii in Japan - (Image courtesy of Reuters)
Nintendo's control over the next-generation console market continues to grow over Sony

According to data compiled by Enterbrain, the Nintendo Wii outsold the Sony PlayStation 3 more than 6 to 1 in June in Japan, continuing Nintendo's dominance of the console market.

"The Nintendo's game console is catching on not only among children but also adults and singles," said Yuko Magaribuchi, Enterbrain spokesperson.

Nintendo sold 270,974 Wii units in June, while Sony only sold 41,628 PS3 units, with Microsoft coming in third with 17,616 Xbox 360 consoles sold.  Overseas sales numbers for each console were unavailable.  

Sales numbers show the Wii had an advantage of 4 to 1 in April and 5 to 1 in May, and the sales gap continues to increase.  The Nintendo DS portable handheld console also outsold the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Supply of the Wii still has not caught up with demand, with stores in Japan and overseas carrying limited supplies of the console.  

Sony had a stranglehold on the console market for more than 10 years with the help of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, but a high price and lack of video games has hindered PS3 sales.  The company hopes to boost PlayStation 3 sales after promising at least 380 new titles this fiscal year.  

It was announced last week Nintendo passed Sony in market capitalization along with entering Japan's 10 most valuable companies list. 

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