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Apple and AT&T score big with iPhone launch

Everyone knew that the iPhone was going to be big from the moment it was announced in early January. Apple CEO Steve Jobs hailed the device as the ultimate in mobile communications given that it could function as a phone, a mobile Internet device and as an iPod.

As the months progressed, the hype mushroomed even though the iPhone lacked a user-replaceable battery, physical keyboard, expansion slot, voice dialing, A2DP, MMS, iChat, flash support, copy and paste ability and video recording -- not to mention that the iPhone was tied solely to AT&T.

It appears that all of the minuses stacked against the iPhone weren't enough to phase buyers who lined up days in advance to purchase the latest "it device" from Cupertino. Not even the $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB) price tags were enough to keep Apple from selling around 525,000 iPhones from 6:00 PM Friday evening through close of business on Sunday.

Nearly all of AT&T's stores were depleted of iPhone stock by Saturday whereas Apple's retail stores are currently faring much better (you can check iPhone availability here).

Apple's iPhone launch didn't go off glitch free, however. Many users complained of activation problems with iPhone. The iPhone can be activated through iTunes and the steady rush of users scrambling to activate their phones overloaded AT&T's servers.

"We are working on any issues on an individual basis with customers who were impacted," said Michael Coe, a representative for AT&T.

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel noted that a "small percentage" of customers were having activation issues. "Our first priority is to get them up and rolling as quickly as we can," Spiegel continued.

For its part in the matter, an Apple spokesman simply said "There are a small percentage of iPhone customers who have had a less than perfect activation experience."

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Quit crying and accept it.
By Misty Dingos on 7/2/2007 1:36:46 PM , Rating: -1
God what a bunch of whiners you all are! Allow me to paraphrase the comments here.

‘So Apple sold 500 thousand IPones. They will all break and then those stupid bastards will be crying on their IPhones. They are still really expensive and don’t have buttons waaaaaaa!’

I could go on but the truth, as obvious as being slapped in the face with a flounder (a flounder is a large flat fish) is that this is a successful launch of a product that will alter the design of future cell phones from here on. People like many of the features of the IPhone and many if not most of the market will attempt to copy those features.

Is the IPhone a perfect device? No and the only perfect device I have ever used is my Colt 1991A1 and that wasn’t perfect until I replaced the slide release with an extended one. The perfect device doesn’t really exist. Get over it. Quit crying about Apple selling lots of expensive phones and please grow up a bit.

No go out side and be nice to one another.

RE: Quit crying and accept it.
By HardwareD00d on 7/2/07, Rating: -1
RE: Quit crying and accept it.
By Oregonian2 on 7/2/2007 2:55:22 PM , Rating: 1
It has a pile of basic cell phone features that even the much cheaper cell phones have. Hopefully they don't set the pattern that needed features can be dropped if it looks pretty. The iPhone in some respects is begging to be the subject of a blond joke. I fully expect those features to be added eventually when they finish the iPhone's development. It probably was released before its time.

RE: Quit crying and accept it.
By Oregonian2 on 7/2/2007 2:57:10 PM , Rating: 2
It has a pile of basic cell phone features missing ...

Wish we could edit posts...

RE: Quit crying and accept it.
By MonkeyPaw on 7/2/2007 6:05:22 PM , Rating: 1
Wish we could edit posts...

So people can go back and change the stupid things they say? No way! Personally, I enjoy reading those 0 and -1 posts. Some of them make for a good laugh. ;)

Maybe a 60 second edit feature would be nice, but people shouldn't have the ability to change their comments after-the-fact. DT has a forced preview--a luxury you don't have in spoken dialog. Speak carefully, proofread, and at worst, make a corrective comment like you just did.

Just my own 2 cents, of course. :)

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