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Apple and AT&T score big with iPhone launch

Everyone knew that the iPhone was going to be big from the moment it was announced in early January. Apple CEO Steve Jobs hailed the device as the ultimate in mobile communications given that it could function as a phone, a mobile Internet device and as an iPod.

As the months progressed, the hype mushroomed even though the iPhone lacked a user-replaceable battery, physical keyboard, expansion slot, voice dialing, A2DP, MMS, iChat, flash support, copy and paste ability and video recording -- not to mention that the iPhone was tied solely to AT&T.

It appears that all of the minuses stacked against the iPhone weren't enough to phase buyers who lined up days in advance to purchase the latest "it device" from Cupertino. Not even the $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB) price tags were enough to keep Apple from selling around 525,000 iPhones from 6:00 PM Friday evening through close of business on Sunday.

Nearly all of AT&T's stores were depleted of iPhone stock by Saturday whereas Apple's retail stores are currently faring much better (you can check iPhone availability here).

Apple's iPhone launch didn't go off glitch free, however. Many users complained of activation problems with iPhone. The iPhone can be activated through iTunes and the steady rush of users scrambling to activate their phones overloaded AT&T's servers.

"We are working on any issues on an individual basis with customers who were impacted," said Michael Coe, a representative for AT&T.

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel noted that a "small percentage" of customers were having activation issues. "Our first priority is to get them up and rolling as quickly as we can," Spiegel continued.

For its part in the matter, an Apple spokesman simply said "There are a small percentage of iPhone customers who have had a less than perfect activation experience."

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RE: What makes it so special?
By michael2k on 7/2/2007 1:15:01 PM , Rating: 0
Hmm, none of those features where necessary for the iPod either. Why would it "kill" the iPhone?

RE: What makes it so special?
By Oregonian2 on 7/2/2007 2:50:42 PM , Rating: 2
It doesn't have many of the basic cell phone features either (which make no sense on an iPod). No MP3 ringtones seems to be mentioned a lot. No voice commands either -- something very handy on a cell phone, but not on an iPod. Someone posted a list of a few in this thread which are legit basic cell-phone things that are missing. But then maybe this isn't a phone primarily, maybe it's really an iPod that just has a phone option on the side (so it doesn't have to be very good)?

RE: What makes it so special?
By UserDoesNotExist on 7/2/2007 6:34:42 PM , Rating: 3
This just in: the iPhone is a phone. The iPod is a MP3 player. Experts predict that they will have different functions from each other. A nation sits stunned in silence. More coverage at 11. But first, a dog that can skateboard. Sam?

RE: What makes it so special?
By walk2k on 7/2/2007 7:31:34 PM , Rating: 3
No, the iPhONe is an I-poD with crappy phone and internet features. Maybe that's the problem?

Too bad media players with bigger screens, better compatibility (Divx and such) and much MUCH larger storage are available for less than $600.

RE: What makes it so special?
By bolders on 7/3/2007 9:11:03 AM , Rating: 2
Because in the phone world there is the Nokia 95, for example, which has an awesome camera and video recording, plays mp3s and does loads of other cool stuff (although it doesn’t have a touch screen - but who cares).
Also it can be obtained free as part of a contract can be used all over the world and looks damn sexy.
I would also feel an idiot getting the iphone out in public as I join every body else with the same phone. It has no exclusivity in my eyes (how can it with half a million sold in such a short time) and I cant help but perceive the masses who have one because they think it makes them look cool, as being a bit sad because they need such a device to make them feel good about themselves (you know, the ones who have to make themselves and their ownership of such a device as obvious as possible). This is not directed at all owners of the iphone so please don’t all get upset and defensive (imo there is a difference between ownership of an elegant device for self gratification and owning a popular device with the intention of letting others know about it)

I have to confess in the mp3 world I am not an ipod fan and would probably choose a sandisk sansa e280 over a nano but it is a difficult choice. However given the disparities between the iphone and the N95 there is no choice for me – it would always be the N95. I am not saying the N95 is the best phone ever – I don’t really keep up with all the new phone releases but a friend has just obtained one (free as part of a contract) and I was very, very impressed by the pictures, videos, mp3 and 3D accelerated games and so much other stuff that I cant be bothered to detail it all.

“So far we have not seen a single Android device that does not infringe on our patents." -- Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith
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