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The X-Clamps on the Xbox 360 motherboard (Source: AnandTech)
Console service company Micromart will no longer repair Xbox 360 due to alleged design flaw

UK-based game console repair company Micromart has been fixing video game systems for over a decade. On its website it advertises that it will repair PlayStation 2, original Xbox, PSP and replace screens for other handheld systems.

Micromart, which used to repair the Xbox 360, recently posted a notice on its website that it “has now withdrawn from offering a repair service for the dreaded 3 Red Lights fault.”

The company states that, “This problem is endemic on the Xbox 360 console and the volume has made this repair non-viable.” Micromart will also no longer fix Xbox 360 consoles that display screen freezing problems. The company, however, will continue to support all other repairs to the consoles.

“We were seeing about 30 a week before we pulled the plug on the service,” said Micromart’s Jeff Croft to GamesIndustry. “We saw it over a period of several months and it was just getting worse. It began towards the end of last year. Once the twelve month warranty finished then we started to see more and more machines being sent in to be looked at.”

“The work we had done to the console lead us to believe that basically it was a fault with the motherboard and not something that could be resolved easily. And it wasn't going to go away,” continued Croft.

 “We're not taking that thing on board; we won't repair them. We originally did some work with it but it's labour intensive and it isn't really a feasible repair for us to undertake. We would probably end up charging GBP 100 [$202] for a repair and we still wouldn't be happy with the end result,” he added.

A recent investigation by DailyTech on Xbox 360 warranty returns revealed that up to a third of Microsoft’s latest console fail.

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RE: At what point...
By mdogs444 on 7/3/2007 1:05:06 PM , Rating: 1
This goes with everything too. Look at Cubs fans, what positive experience do they have?

What positive experience do they have? Man, you are very uninformed. Have you ever lived in chicago? I did for over 3 years. People, aka the North Siders, are not fans of the cubs because they win or lose. They are fans of the cubs because they love the city of Chicago, they love the traditions of the team, they love wrigley field and the classic players: Santo, Banks, Sandberg to name a few.

The majority of White Sox fans reside on the near south side of the city which has a history of being low income & minorities. Not until recently - when they won the World Series - did other people throughout the city start jumping on the Sox bandwagon, but that has quickly come to an end as well.

You're wrong. Some people are fanboys because of a positive experience. Some people are fanboys because of hatred for another company. Some are fanboys just because they picked one side. Some are because they like the underdog. There are many reasons for being a fanboy, and positive experience is just one of them

Ding ding ding! Exactly what i've been trying to say. We all know there are bad apples everywhere. My debate was merely saying that you cannot classify ALL fanboys in a negative sense. Becuase not all are that way.

RE: At what point...
By deeznuts on 7/3/2007 4:30:42 PM , Rating: 2
Take it easy bruh regarding the cubs, it was a joke. Lovable losers ring a bell?

"Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life" -- Steve Jobs
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