Intel follows through with pledge made in September

At last year’s Intel Developer Forum, Intel pledged to ship 1 million quad-core processors before AMD ships a single Barcelona processor. Intel reached this milestone today, approximately two months ahead of schedule.

“Since we started shipping quad core processors last November, we have already sold well over a million parts thanks to our extensive 65nm factory network,” Intel PR Manager Dan Snyder said. “And with 45nm just around the corner, we expect the ramp to continue well.”

Intel’s quad-core product lineup currently consists of mid-to-high-end models for desktops, workstations and servers. The company plans to slash prices on Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Extreme processors come July 22, 2007. Price cuts for the workstation and server Intel Xeon processors will come shortly afterwards.  

Intel plans to penetrate the enterprise server markets with quad-core Tigerton-based Xeon 7300-sequence processors later this quarter. The upcoming Intel Xeon 7300-sequence processors can scale up to 32 processors and utilizes a new point-to-point bus system that allows each processor to have independent communication with the chipset.

Later in 2008, Intel plans to introduce the new Tukwila quad-core Itanium processors. Tukwila is Intel’s first processor to take advantage of the new common system interface, or CSI. As Intel moves the Xeon product lineup to the CSI bus, the Xeon and Itanium product lineups will begin to share architecture similarities.

AMD’s quad-core plans lie solely with its upcoming Barcelona architecture. Barcelona is a native quad-core processor with four cores on the same die. AMD is having troubles scaling Barcelona, with Computex demonstrations at 1.6 GHz and an upcoming launch at 2.0 GHz. The troubled Barcelona failed to impress with initial benchmark numbers earlier this month as well.

Quad-core Barcelona targets the workstation and server markets. AMD plans to launch desktop Stars variants next quarter under the new Phenom FX and Phenom X4 brands. The new Phenom FX processors will find home in AMD’s upcoming FASN8 second-generation 4x4 platform, based around the upcoming RD790 chipset.

Expect Intel to continue shipping 65nm quad-core processors this quarter and new 45nm Penryn quad-core processors in Q4’2007.

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